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[edit] "Pitcell" Trailer


"program-glitch-esc" website screenshot
"program-glitch-esc" website screenshot

[edit] Trailer Summary

Alan Bradley talks to Sam Flynn about Sam's father, Kevin Flynn, who has been missing for 20 years. Cut to Sam going through traffic recklessly. The next shot, Sam stops at Flynn's Arcade which is abandoned. He goes inside and uncovers the Tron arcade game, finding a hidden room behind it. A workstation covered in dust is in the room, similar to Ed Dillinger's table top computer. Sam sits down at the workstation, and unbeknownst to him a digitizing laser rises behind him. The screen goes black as the laser glows with light. The trailer then switches to the world of Tron, in clear 3D. We see Sam in a ship that rises into the sky and in an intense gladiator game, a light-cycle racing towards a city, a lady with white hair (Olivia Wilde) on a couch, and a man playing a guitar among other things. Cut to the appearance of the Tron Legacy logo then Sam Flynn racing on a light cycle.

[edit] Audio Transcript

scene of Alan Bradley talking with Sam Flynn and etc. real world footage

Alan: “I promised you that if I ever got any information about your dad, that I’d tell you first, right? I was paged last night; it came from your dad’s office at the arcade.”

Sam: “So?”

Alan: “So?! That number’s been disconnected for twenty years! Two nights before he disappeared he came to my house. He said he was about to change everything... science, medicine, religion. He wouldn’t have left that Sam; He wouldn’t have left you.”

Sam: “You know, you’re acting like I’m going to find him sitting there working... ‘Hey kiddo... lost track of time.’”

Alan: “Wouldn’t that be something.”

scenes of Tron world, music in background

switch to black, only dialog

Sam: “Dad?”

Flynn: “Sam?”

Sam: “Long time.”

Flynn: “You have no idea.”

[edit] Kosinski Shot-by-shot

Director Joe Kosinski discusses shots of the trailer, giving more insight into the film.

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Analysis

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