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[edit] San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Event wrap-up

[edit] Before

"Barry Levine revealed at the Radical Studios panel at New York Comic Con this weekend that Joseph Kosinski will return to San Diego Comic Con International this year with the film’s first official trailer." -

[edit] During

Following the clues on the Flynn Lives site (which said "Meet us at the cul de sac near the corner of 1st and J when the numbers run out. You’ll know who we are."), a few hundred fans met at the stated time, 9:30pm on Thursday, July 23rd, right across the street from the San Diego Convention Center.

Staffers in Flynn Lives t-shirts appeared, and handed out maps of the neighboring Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego, as well as hand-held UV blacklights and a sheet of trace paper with an overlaid grid printed on it. Everyone was instructed to search the Gaslamp for evidence of the Flynn Lives movement -- "propaganda" posters put up on various storefronts, which were to be examined with the UV light. Hidden codes on the posters corresponded to grid references on the trace paper, and when overlaid on the map of the Gaslamp district, formed a winding path to a seemingly empty warehouse. After fans were told to line up, a dropcloth was pulled away from the roof revealing a giant neon FLYNN'S ARCADE sign.

Inside was a replica of FLYNN'S from the original film, complete with '80s music and working "Space Paranoids" games. After about ten minutes of gameplay, there was a "power outage" and a Tron-like UV graphic on one of the brick walls inside the arcade started to glow -- revealing a secret door and a curtained-off pathway that led to a full-sized model of the new Tron Legacy LightCycle (video playlist from event at YouTube at:; official video at This FLYNN'S replica remained open, with long lines, for the rest of Comic-Con 2009.

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