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[edit] Do It Yourself Fun!


Below are some ideas and creative things people have done or suggested since the game began. If you've created anything crazy or awesome (not mutually exclusive!), feel free to share here!

Some discussion of ideas and such can be followed at unfiction

[edit] From the community

[edit] Yes/No/Neutral bit papercraft
  • From Tektonten, instructions on how to build your own paper Bits! (direct link)
[edit] Arcade Aid video game poster
[edit] Motivational Posters
[edit] Is this how the new disks were made


[edit] Countdown Clock
  • GeekFilter created a flash countdown clock to track the days until movie is released (please note original file had a coding error, the file has been updated 7/20/10:(direct link)
[edit] Neutral Bit Glow case

[edit] Tools/Assets

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