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[edit] The Swag of Flynn Lives


Samtracker package
Samtracker package

Lots of stuff has been handed out, given, and mailed in this ARG. Below is a compilation of known swag. The list primarily consists of ARG-specific or related swag - some general Tron: Legacy paraphernalia may not be listed here.

[edit] Trailhead

[edit] USB Drive

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Token

[edit] San Diego Comic-Con 2009

[edit] Flynn Lives! Poster (blue)

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Invitation

[edit] UV Lamp

[edit] Flynn's Arcade UV Derez T-Shirt

[edit] Flynn Lives UV Derez T-Shirt

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Hunt Map

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Waiver

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Golden Ticket

[edit] Zero Hour / Pitcell

[edit] Zero Hour Bits (Yes/No/Neutral)
Yes Bit No bit Neutral bit
Bit-yes.jpg Bit-no.jpg Bit-na.jpg
[edit] Pit Cell Drop Packages

[edit] Pit Cell Screening Ticket (printable)

[edit] Flynn Lives! T-Shirt

[edit] Flynn's Arcade T-Shirt

[edit] Arcade Aid

[edit] Encom Badge

(ChallengingStage Version 1)

Customized Badge Note from Zack
[edit] Press Perler Art

(ChallengingStage Version 2)

[edit] Arcade Aid Pins
Note from Zack Tron Guard #10: Punch Out #15: Face Off #22: Tron
[edit] Arcade Aid Challengingstage Poster

[edit] Wondercon 2009

[edit] Encom Conference Flyer

[edit] Flynn Lives! Poster (black/UV)

[edit] Encom Conference Guest Badge

[edit] Space Paranoids Online

[edit] Space Paranoids Lapel Pin

[edit] FlynnLives.com Achievement Code Sticker

[edit] Sam Tracker

[edit] 89 Logo Pin

[edit] 89 Sticker

[edit] Encom Postcards

[edit] San Diego Comic-Con 2010 IdentityRaid

[edit] Identity Disc and USB
[edit] Flynn's Arcade admission bracelet
[edit] Arcade coin pouch
[edit] Flynn's Arcade Game token set
[edit] End Of Line Club poster
[edit] End Of Line Club coaster
[edit] "ComiTron" Experience Arcade ticket

[edit] TRON Night 2010

[edit] Show admission ticket (printable)
[edit] TRON Night wristband

[edit] Challengingstage V2

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