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[edit] Digital Pulse


[edit] December 1, 2010

A news update to and new discussion forum posts discovered on December 1st linked to a new puzzle named Gygax

Your gaming acumen has brought us to the brink of success - it's now or never!

Because of fans like you, we have a better understanding of Kevin Flynn's state of mind in the months leading up to his disappearance. This data will be essential to our next mission. It's been in the pipeline for months, but the pieces are finally starting to fit together. There is a powerful momentum to our movement, and it has all led to this; it will be the ultimate synthesis of imagination, logic and adventure! Just take a look at our most current discussion forum threads for more details.

The time has come - we will find Kevin Flynn!

[edit] Part 1 - Gygax

Gygax puzzle
Gygax puzzle
Puzzle hints
Puzzle hints

This puzzle required moving pentagon objects into place within the larger template, but in the proper locations. Squares located in the upper left and lower right corners would provide a guide for the placement of the pieces.

The template could be printed and folded together as papercraft taking the form of a Bit:

Papercraft bit samples from the puzzle template
Papercraft bit samples from the puzzle template

In order to solve the puzzle, each paired pattern needed to be combined in a specific manner. They needed to overlap each other and negate each other (the solution would apparent by depicting what was different between the two pattern). The easiest method for doing this would be in a paint program, by applying a negate/invert/difference filter or effect on one of the patterns, and overlaying them precisely:

Alignment guide for pattern pairs
Alignment guide for pattern pairs

On applying this to each pair, letters appeared. The letters provided an anagram for the next stage:

Completed solution for each pair
Completed solution for each pair

The anagram solution is /EPIPHANY, and this led to a second puzzle at

[edit] Part 2 - Epiphany

Epiphany puzzle
Epiphany puzzle

The Epiphany puzzle page displayed a series of lines from one of Kevin Flynn's books scrolling horizontally left and right.

They seem to act with intelligence, and recursively.
When the mind processes a thought, its synapses flutter at fantastic speeds.
Whenever humans perform and activity, their movements can be mapped in mathematical terms.
It's a bit frightening when your work takes on a life of it's own.
Sometimes, I get lost in the grid (metaphorically speaking).
Quantum is the future of science. With it, digital teleportation may be possible.
Soon we will all be watched over by machines.
It feels like I'm on a precipice and I can see the promised land just across the way.
They are starting to do things outside of their programming.
To build a perfect system, you need to have the perfect defence.
Maybe these are not actual programs per se.
Can a digital being manifest free will?
They're intellect is growing at an accelerated rate.

It was quickly discovered that the text could be selected and deleted. On doing this, very very quickly, a new phrase was revealed.

The remaining phrase spelled /DIGITALPULSE, which led to the discovery of .

[edit] Digital Pulse

  • On examination of the flyer shown on the page, a series of characters were faintly underlined with a blue marking. These characters spelled TEN6RGTAKAKS - a code which could be entered on to unlock an audio clip of Kevin Flynn saying:
This will facilitate mass collaboration in a way that could change everything
  • The web page also implied 16 cities would host an event of some kind in an effort to locate Kevin Flynn.
He inspired us all with his visionary programs and transcendent video games, and then he disappeared back in 1989. But now, digital breadcrumbs are resurfacing. ISOlatedThinker found the first piece of the puzzle - the rest MUST be in our midst, because...
We need to summon our resources for one last push. Flynn was on to something; he was growing more paranoid by the hour during his final book tour. If we retrace his steps, maybe we can finally learn the truth.

We need an operative on the ground in every city that Flynn visited. There is important evidence there, and we're tracking down every shred of it.
  • Listed already on the book tour flyer are:
Los Angeles New York
Chicago San Francisco

[edit] December 8, 2010

  • At 8am PST / 11am EST, the full list of 16 cities appeared, with pairs of cities being activated along with downloadable PDF instructions, every hour for 8 hours.

[edit] Cities

Atlanta Boston Chicago Denver
Houston Las Vegas Los Angeles New York
Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland
Sale Lake City San Francisco Seattle Toronto

[edit] The ground work

[edit] Reports

Field operatives reported as activating each node, and links to first-hand ground reports and photos/videos

City Operative Reports Media
Atlanta: RobbieDaKid / FSURobbie / (FlynnLives), FSURobbie
Boston: avatrix / avatrix / (FlynnLives)
Chicago: Bruceoite / madopal / (FlynnLives)
Denver: eblkheart / eblkheart
Houston: TDMZ / (FlynnLives)
Las Vegas: awichrowski / (FlynnLives), fonz314
Los Angeles: cybergosh / stinji, MarshallTeller, DaveCobb / aharvey2k
New York: blueshrunkenhead / Broklynite / Fawkes4
Orlando: sonikku10 / LordAcoustic / (FlynnLives)
Philadelphia: SkekTek / SkekTek, elziard / elziard
Phoenix: outatime1985 / (FlynnLives)
Portland: sporkbot / FlyingMonkey, Euchre, Kid Atomic / Kid Atomic, VenarThompson
Sale Lake City: NAMCBA / IllusionOfLife / (FlynnLives), IllusionOfLife
San Francisco: skycycle / skycycle / (FlynnLives), gazbot, nytshaed
Seattle: seriousyes / thename
Toronto: thebruce / thebruce / thebruce

[edit] Artifacts

Items retrieved from the ground event/livedrop.

  • Note: The Tron arcade cab pages shown below are real pages from a legitimate cab manual. You can download the full manual as a document from here (PDF)

  • Dumont sticker (Toronto)
  • Dumont package (Toronto)
  • Dumont delivery slip
  • Book: The Digital Frontier
  • Inside cover
  • Dedication
  • Hollowed interior (Toronto: Page 75)
  • Tron cab manual: pages iii-iv (Toronto)
  • Tron cab manual: page 3-7 (Toronto)
  • Tron cab manual: page 3-8 (Toronto)
  • Tron cab manual: page 6-7 (Toronto)
  • Flynn Lives pin
  • Flynn Lives T-Shirt

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