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[edit] Alan Bradley

Alan Bradley, circa 2010
Alan Bradley, circa 2010

Alan Bradley was a software developer for Encom International who was responsible for the development of Tron, a self-monitoring security program. The program would inspire his co-worker Kevin Flynn to create the best-selling video game of the same name. When Flynn became Encom's Chief Executive Officer in 1983, he made Bradley the Chief Operating Officer of the company; but after the visionary game designer vanished in 1989, Bradley was forced to become the acting CEO. A combination of Encom stock plunging after Flynn disappeared, corporate pressure to vacate the seat and disgust at Encom raiding Flynn's notes for new project ideas prompted Bradley to resign from the company.

Bradley would eventually return to Encom in 1997 as an executive consultant, a position he still holds to this day.

" Alan Bradley's an important character from the first movie and an important one in ours. He's got that kind of voice of God. " - Joseph Kosinski, for Tron Legacy

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