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[edit] Characters and Organizations

Below are individuals mentioned or referenced in various media:

[edit] Characters

[edit] Film Characters

These are ARG characters that actually appear in either Tron or Tron Legacy:

  • Kevin Flynn - Protagonist of Tron, major character in Tron Legacy. World-famous video game designer, creator of Space Paranoids and the Tron video game, and CEO of Encom from 1982-1989. His disappearance in 1989 sparked a worldwide manhunt and several conspiracy theories.
  • Sam Flynn - Protagonist of Tron Legacy. Kevin Flynn's orphaned son, CalTech graduate and majority shareholder of Encom. Having lived most of his life without his parents, he performs extreme stunts and practices martial arts to control his anger and grief.
  • Alan Bradley - Major character in Tron and Tron Legacy. Creator of the Tron security program, Encom COO from 1982-1989, and acting CEO from 1989-1990. Bradley is Kevin Flynn's best friend and Sam Flynn's godfather. He became acting CEO after Kevin disappeared, but was demoted to executive consultant by the board of directors.
  • Ed Dillinger - Antagonist of Tron. Encom CEO from 1979-1982. He rose to power by using the Master Control Program to steal other employees' work, but was fired after Kevin Flynn, one of his victims, found the evidence needed to prove Dillinger was guilty.

[edit] ARG-Only Characters

These are characters that only appear in the Flynn Lives ARG:

  • Kurt Hardington - Former president of the Encom board of directors, CEO from 1990-present. Concerned solely with money and his appearance, he has turned Encom into a soulless producer of bland software and is trying to supress the resurgent Flynn Lives movement.
  • Zack (ZackAttack) - Owner of Arcade Aid, an arcade machine restoration company, and the de facto leader of Flynn Lives. Almost every recent project the group has undertaken has been his idea, and he uses his resources as a business owner to help the FLO expand and put more pressure on Encom.

[edit] Organizations

  • Encom International - The world's largest software manufacturing company. Founded in 1972, the company prospered under the leadership of Kevin Flynn and Alan Bradley, but ever since Flynn vanished it has stopped producing the truly innovative computer technology that made it so successful in the marketplace.
  • Flynn Lives Organization (FLO) - A group of conspiracy theorists who believe that Kevin Flynn is alive and that Encom has a role in his disappearance. Once dismissed as a fringe movement, their numbers have grown significantly since 2009, putting a dent into Encom's public reputation.

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