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  • Summary: Following Sam Flynn's unplanned interruption of the Encom press conference by parachuting out of a helicopter, the members of Flynn Lives decided to track down their former member and let him know he doesn't have to perform dangerous stunts to get people to care about him. This site was set up to submit reports about Sam's whereabouts to ZackAttack for follow-up investigation.
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This page is intended as a backup / mirror of the site and the changes that may occur over time. If you see something changed, please log the details with a date.

[edit] April 28, 2010

The page goes live with a location entry box and the following message:

Welcome. Are you ready to find Sam Flynn? As soon as you discover his location, enter it in the field provided. We will email you back if your lead turns anything up.

Entering an incorrect location causes this message to appear under the entry box:

Sorry, but I've checked with my operatives in the field and those results are inconsistent with the other leads we've been following. Please try again.
To have another go at it, click back to our submission site.

[edit] Solution

Using a newspaper article on the Flynn Lives message boards as a starting point, was found. Searching for Sam Flynn in the student search function brings up two records. They mention that Sam was studying martial arts at a Brazilian school called Amazon Capoeira.

Entering "Brazil" causes this message to appear:

Brazil is a pretty big place - we'll need the specific location if we're going to contact Sam Flynn.

Entering "Amazon Capoeira" yields this response:

Sounds like Sam is having an adventure in the BR. But, do you know exactly where we can find this "Amazon Capoeira" school?

At the Amazon Capoeira website, it says that the school is located in the town of Rio Fiamente. Using "Rio Fiamente" as the answer brings up this response:

You were right on the money – Sam was in Rio Fiamente, Brazil. I've made contact with a Flynn Lives member near there and he just scoped out the Capoeira school for us - looks like we just missed Sam, but check out what he found: Unlock Sam Flynn

This trail is then continued at

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