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[edit] Encom Press Event

  • Alan Bradley is scheduled to appear in San Francisco on Friday, April 2 at 8:00pm (PDT) to announce a new Encom International product to the public.
    Justin Herman Plaza
    One Market St., San Francisco, CA
    8:00pm local time, April 2
  • The Flynnlives.com crew is also organizing a secret pre-meeting gathering for Flynn Lives followers to rally people with plans for interrupting Encom's press conference. (src)
    Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency (next to the plaza)
    Meet from 6:15-7:45pm
    Take Encom badges if you have them; if not, come anyway

[edit] March 2, 2010

  • Encom Press Release: "Newly-minted Executive Consultant Alan Bradley will introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library on April 2 in San Francisco."
  • Alan also appears in a video interview with IGN (direct link)
    An uncensored, longer interview is available for viewing here)
[edit] Interview Transcript
  • Encom clearly had a hand in editing and censoring the full interview for public release.

RED text denotes censored/cut dialogue from the full video for IGN's posted interview.
GREEN text denotes censored/re-located dialogue for IGN's posted interview.

Eric Moro: Hey guys, Eric Moro here, and today I'm speaking with tech pioneer and executive consultant to one of the world's largest software providers, and legendary game developers: Encom's Mr. Alan Bradley. Alan, I just want to say first and foremost that it's an honor to be speaking with you because I'm a huge fan of Space Paranoids and Tron the video game.
Alan Bradley: Thank you
EM: And it's also good to see you speaking for Encom again, because it's been a while hasn't it?
AB: Well, uh, I'm not the type that craves the spotlight, but we do have several exciting projects in the pipeline at Encom, and you know, I'm very proud to be a part of them. I guess that's why I'm here.
EM: Speaking of Encom, the company's managed to stay on top for pretty much 25 years now and you've seen a lot of other gaming companies kind of crash and burn - how'd you guys do it?
AB: Well, it all starts - and ends - with the gamers. This was the first generation to integrate technology with their everyday lives. They hooked in viscerally, emotionally. We just followed their lead, and found new ways to diversify the technology in other areas.
EM: How did Kevin Flynn revolutionize gaming, and then the two of you together change the face of technology?
AB: Well the 80's tech boom ushered in an endless wave of possibilities. Kevin had a unique way of tapping into it. He connected with computer programmers, gamers, and thinkers on a whole new level. That zeitgeist would carry us into the internet age in which we find ourselves now. I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to Kevin. I mean, for him, the future wasn't just an unknown variable, it was his playground.
EM: So speaking of Kevin Flynn, you were his best friend, so how can you not know what happened to him? Do you have any personal theories?
AB: Kevin Flynn possessed this undying commitment to his family and his friends. I've never seen anything like it. He would never abandon his son Sam, nor would he ever leave his groundbreaking work. Before he disappeared, he was hypothesizing about applications in every field imaginable... Health, spirituality, communication. I mean, these weren't the theories of a man who was going to give up.
EM: But how long can you hope? When's the time to acknowledge the fact that he's gone?
AB: Look, publicly Encom and I have acknowledged the fact that he is gone. His disappearance was a massive blow - personally and professionally. I mean, I think reasonable people can disagree on the how and the why of it, but it was agreed that we had to move on to keep this company going. I think - I really do - I think that's how he would have wanted things. But as a friend I still hope every day that, you know, he comes back to us alive and well.
EM: Ok let's bring it back to Encom for a second and talk about your relationship with the company in the wake of Kevin Flynn's disappearance. I guess specifically, how'd you come to terms with the situation and eventually return to the board?
AB: Encom gives me the opportunities to accomplish what Kevin and I always discussed - environmentalism, responsible technology, a holistic approach to software development. Encom was wrong in smearing Flynn's good name, but I believe that they ultimately realize that. However now there is renewed interest in continuing the work he eluded to before his disappearance. The CEO has given me the green light to spearhead this work. I'm back at the forefront at Encom to preserve Flynn's legacy.
(inserted from above in edited interview)
EM: So speaking of Kevin Flynn, you were his best friend, so how can you not know what happened to him? Do you have any personal theories?
AB: I mean, I think reasonable people can disagree on the how and the why of it, but it was agreed that we had to move on to keep this company going. I think - I really do - I think that's how he would have wanted things.
EM: What led to your environmental awareness so long before it became hip and cool?
AB: Well that takes us back to Kevin Flynn doesn't it? He started making us question the life cycle of our resources at Encom, and he got really serious about it when he was turning Tron into a video game. He used to say that when you start trying to build a world, you've got to stop tearing down the one you've got. So when I was charged with the opportunity to rethink Encom's sustainability, I heard his voice and I ran with it. Every prediction he had about conservation and recycling is taken for granted now.
EM: Tron's become and unparalleled arcade phenomenon. What does it mean to you?
AB: As you know, I created a self-monitoring computer security system back in 82 - I called it Tron. Then Flynn adopted the name when he designed his groundbreaking video game. We had no idea what a success it would become. Tron is the most successful video game that there is, and uh, the weird thing is Flynn took to calling me Tron. And to this day I have no idea why he made that association but it stuck. And, well all the programmers ran with it and the nickname has stayed with me for years now.
EM: Tell us about Sam Flynn. You've watched over him for years now, I understand there's been some rocky episodes in his past. Do you care to comment?
AB: In a word? No. ...I will always love and protect Sam. He's his own man now, he can speak for himself.
EM: Yeah, but any time we reach out to him for an interview request, he's always turns us down.
AB: Well then I guess you've got your answer.
EM: So this upcoming San Francisco press event - what can fans expect?
AB: Well I wouldn't exactly call it an event. It's just a chance for us to reconnect with the people who love what we do, and to announce our next product. If you want any more details than that, you'll need to dig up the press release from the Encom International website.
EM: Ok, well I'm going to go tackle that Tron machine you've got in the lobby. Mr. Bradley thank you so much for your time.
AB: You're welcome.
EM: And for all coverage on all things Encom, be sure to check out IGN.com

[edit] Event Summaries

  • April 1st, Operation Tron is announced - the Flynn Lives Organization's official plans to 'crash' the Encom press announcement.
[edit] Flynn Lives Meetup


  • Meeting at about 6:30pm PDT, the large crowd was led into the ballroom where they were briefed with instructions on how they were to infiltrate and take over the press conference after Alan Bradley had made his speech.
  • The group was split into teams with different missions:
    1. Distract security
    2. Rush the stage and present the message from Flynn Lives to the audience
    3. Spread support for Kevin Flynn through the "regular" crowd before Team 2 takes the stage
    4. Get Flynn Lives media to the contact in the tech booth, to replace the spinning Encom logos
  • They were then led out to head to Encom's stage.
[edit] Encom Press Conference
  • At about 8pm PDT, a representative of Encom, Christie Stevens, took the stage to welcome the audience and introduce Alan Bradley
  • Alan introduced his wife Lora who made an appearance on stage, sharing 3 kisses before heading again backstage
  • Alan praised Kevin abundantly, and announced Encom's next product - Space Paranoids Online, to be run in the browser, with Kevin's code unaltered and 15 original never-before-released levels.

After this, events get a little shady... actual order of events, followed by intended order of events:

  • Alan completed his speech with nothing more to say, Lora returned for a farewell, followed Christie returning to say Encom was having some technical difficulties.
  • All were led off-stage, and Christie returned only to be interrupted by Team 2 who barged on stage in support of Flynn while the stage display was hacked with "Flynn Lives" graphics.
  • At the end, a helicopter buzzed the stage, and a parachutist jumped. Inside the parachute was Sam's "89" logo.
  • The parachutist landed behind the stage, and nothing more occurred. The audience was effectively dismissed.

Believed intended order of events:

  • Alan's speech would be interrupted by the parachutist (Sam Flynn), who would land behind stage, meet with the Team (#) and make the FLO speech all gathered in support on stage.

[edit] Official recaps

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