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[edit] Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn is the reclusive son of Kevin Flynn. His early life was marked by tragedy; his mother died in 1985 and his father mysteriously disappeared in 1989, leaving Sam to inherit the family's billion-dollar fortune and status as Encom majority shareholder. As a result, Sam became rebellious and antisocial, got into fights at school and yelled at reporters trying to interview him. He was also a major supporter of the Flynn Lives movement, joining their forums under the name EightyNine4ever, in reference to the year Kevin Flynn went missing. Eventually, thanks to his participation in a Brazilian martial arts school called Amazon Capoeira, Sam was able to control his anger and graduate from Westminster Academy and CalTech.

Sam currently lives at the Amazon Capoeira school in Rio Fiamente, Brazil. However, he has occasionally returned to the United States to anonymously perform stunts, such as base jumping off skyscrapers or parachuting out of an Encom corporate helicopter.

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