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[edit] Unsolved puzzles and mysteries

Listed below are theories and puzzles about things that seem.. well, mysterious..

[edit] Lightcycle codes

Hidden in the two discovered websites (1, 2) found in the secret forum, corrected images of the light cycle concept art sketches reveal two codes:

  • X7G9055V4G01
  • 06Y922X01M33

Both Codes are the names of the two pre-loaded file in Flynns work server at www.helloflynn.com -JF- the codes also appear in these pictures.

Their meaning is yet unknown, as are the seemingly random domain names of the site in which they're located (though they may be purely random for the purpose of obfuscation):

  • n8xd93f2rk077px1n6wdq839m0
  • qm6k3pshu8rr302kv6xej8p72s

[edit] Solved puzzles

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