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[edit] Kurt Hardington

Kurt Hardington is the current Chief Executive Officer of Encom International. Before holding his current title, Hardington was president of the company's board of directors when Kevin Flynn vanished and Alan Bradley was forced to take over as CEO. After lagging sales and corporate pressure forced Bradley out of Encom in 1990, Hardington was made his replacement. In the twenty years he has been CEO, Encom has managed to regain its previous strength and solidify its position as the number one software company, but at the cost of favoring expansion into newer technology markets instead of developing innovative new software.

Information found from his intranet account and computer desktop suggests that Hardington is not exactly the charitable, hard-working man he portrays himself as. In private, he is vain and narcissistic - as evidenced by his intranet password, "GOODTEETHGREATHAIR" - and wastes thousands of dollars in Encom's money on unneccesary luxuries like in-office massages, golfing trips and weekly hairstylist appointments.

He is extremely opposed to the rise of the Flynn Lives movement, but his dislike of them is merely one facet of his larger hatred for Kevin Flynn. Even while his company profits off Flynn's work, Hardington has made it his top priority to destroy the reputation of the man who built Encom into the marketplace titan it is today. This has thus far resulted in attempts to turn Alan Bradley into the face of the new "corporatized" Encom, editing Bradley's speeches and interviews to purge references to Flynn or his achievements.

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