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[edit] Space Paranoids

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Space Paranoids was one of the most famous games developed by Kevin Flynn for Encom. Notably, then-CEO Ed Dillinger attempted to take credit for developing the game and fired Flynn to cover it up, but when the truth was revealed the board of directors had Dillinger ousted instead, giving Flynn the CEO position. The launch of Space Paranoids in 1981 was hugely succesful and sparked an arcade frenzy as gamers worldwide competed for the high score. (The world record was eventually set by Kevin Flynn himself, playing on one of the machines in his arcade.) It helped pave the way for the release of Tron, which would forever solidify Encom as the number one software company in the world.

[edit] Online

In 2010 Alan Bradley announced that Encom would be releasing a new online version, "Space Paranoids Online", including 15 new levels designed by Flynn but never implemented in the original arcade release.

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