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  • Summary: This trail was introduced in 2009 at San Diego Comic Con. It led groups of fans to the revelation of a life-sized light cycle and concept art. It also unlocked a teaser trailer online for public download (link), once all codes from the live event were entered online here.
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[edit] July 23, 2009 with box to enter codes with box to enter codes
Endgame page containing 1st trailer
Endgame page containing 1st trailer

After the scavenger hunt at SDCC 2009 ended, players who attended received Flynn Lives T-shirts. When the shirt were exposed to blacklight, the phrase "SLASH DEREZ" appeared on the top right corner of the Flynn Lives logo, leading to a hidden page containing a box for entering five codes.

The codes to be entered were found through the arcade's five Space Paranoids machines; whenever someone defeated the first round of the game, a code would appear on screen. Entering one of the codes into the box yielded one part of a high-resolution lightcycle photo and one of five audio clips of Kevin Flynn speaking.

  • Code 1: 3XB772M - "Evolution. Evolution is the greatest force in the material world. Evolution will provide us the next step in intelligent life. But it will come from somewhere unexpected."
  • Code 2: 79XY33A - "I'll tell you what it has. It has the potential to cause the greatest paradigm shift in the history of mankind. This will unleash the power of human intelligence."
  • Code 3: TP288FZ - "Quantum is the future of science. With it, digital teleportation may be possible."
  • Code 4: ZZ49B3X - "What I've done is created a Newtonian playground: a place for the largest, most significant experiment in human history to occur. That's what I've done."
  • Code 5: C2CMF9X - "Soon, we will all be watched over by machines...'machines of loving grace.' That's to paraphrase an old friend of mine, Richard Brautigan."

When all five codes were entered, was revealed; the page contains the first trailer for Tron Legacy and links to download it.

[edit] February 24, 2010

  • is found and the codes from July 23 no longer work, leading people to believe there are more codes to be found.
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