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[edit] Pitcell.com


  • Summary: After ZeroHour completed, the first people to sign up at one of five major cities around the world gained the privilege of viewing the full IMAX 3D trailer for free, and leaving with a Flynn Lives T-shirt.
  • Direct link: http://pitcell.com

This page is intended as a backup / mirror of the site and the changes that may occur over time. If you see something changed, please log the details with a date.

[edit] February 24, 2010

Once all locations had their directions revealed on ZeroHour, a red "No" Bit beneath the card grid changed to "Yes", yellow. Clicking on it leads Pitcell.com, showing a full-sized version of the image on the back of the cards and a some information about a Tron: Legacy-related screening to occur in 5 cities: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Sydney.

[edit] Dates
Pitcell with all locations sold out
Pitcell with all locations sold out
  • 2/25, 4 pm EST: tickets for all screenings released
  • 2/27, 10 am EST: New York screening at AMC Loews Lincoln Square IMAX
  • 2/27, 2:30 pm PST: Los Angeles screening at IMAX Theatre at The Bridge
  • 2/27, 1:30 pm GMT: London screening at bfi London IMAX Cinema
  • 2/27, 11 am EST: Toronto screening at Scotiabank IMAX Theater
  • 2/28, 10 am EDT: Sydney screening at LG IMAX Theatre

  • To help coordinate and meet up with others in these, the discussion page is the place to add your info!

[edit] Tickets

Below is a sample of tickets received by those who requested on time.

Picture submitted by Taro
Picture submitted by Taro

[edit] February 27, 2010

Screenings are held. A trailer for Tron Legacy, approximately 2 1/2 minutes long, is shown and Flynn Lives t-shirts are handed out afterwards. The Los Angeles screening had an additional Q&A with Joe Kosinski and Steven Lisberger.

[edit] Reports

(please add links to articles, reports, photo sets, videos, etc from people who experienced the Pitcell trailer preview!)

[edit] Trailer Download

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