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[edit] Perfect Parachutes


A company that sells parachuting equipment, specifically jumpsuits and customized parachutes. Was found by a link at McClaskey Airstrip.

[edit] Home

If you're going to leap out of an airplane at 20,000 feet, why do so in a plain, drab manner? The whole point is to be seen, right? Well, we can help.

Our 'chutes are all custom designed to ensure maximum visibility, notoriety and, of course, safety. We feature canopies of every hue to add even more pizzazz to your already adventurous lifestyle. Leave the beige in your office - it's time to slice through those clouds like a brilliant phoenix.

Perfect Parachutes has catered to movie stars, princes and thrill-seekers from around the globe. If you haven't seen our work, you must not have looked skyward lately. So, get in the zone and remember our motto:

We always fly first-class!

[edit] About


For over three decades, Perfect Parachutes has been engineering the ideal ride for the most elite skydivers in the world. We know parachuting from the inside out; it's in our blood, it's what we do.

Frank T.

The president and founder of Perfect Parachutes, Frankie still enjoys the simple things in life: pizza, movies and hurling yourself out of a moving plane to soar through the heavens without a care in the world. We're right behind ya, boss!

Will F.

Our customer service guru, Will is quick with a joke and just can't seem to wipe that smile off his face. Maybe that's because he truly loves his job here at Perfect Parachutes.

Barb D.

Barb is a bona fide skydiving expert. She has conducted jumping excursions over six different continents during her illustrious 25-year career. Look out, Antarctica - you're next!

[edit] Jumpsuits


We have jumpsuits for any climate, from tundra to desert to swamp. Just pay close attention to the instructions on your particular suit before washing (for instance, the cotton flyers tend to shrink in the laundry while the lycra suits are unsuitable for tumble dry machines).

[edit] Parachuting Facts

'Chuting Factoids

We bet you didn't know that...

  • The highest jump of all time was made from over 100,000 feet...
  • ...While the lowest jump ever was from a mere 143 feet.
  • Leonardo da Vinci conceived the physics of parachuting (on paper) back in 1495...
  • ...But it took another 122 years for someone to actually test da Vinci's contraption.
  • Skydiving fatalities were down by almost 22% from 2008 to 2009.

[edit] Custom Parachutes

Custom-made 'Chutes

Choose your favorite color, style and shape - we'll follow your specifications to the letter and you'll be gliding high in no time!

SORRY - We've got so many jobs in the pipeline that we aren't taking any new orders at this time. But check out some of our past work and see what Perfect Parachutes is all about!

Note: One of the example parachutes is the 89 chute Sam used during the Encom Press Conference.

[edit] Contacts


Our top-notch staff is eager to get you geared up for the glide of your life, so give us a call today!

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