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[edit] Unlock Sam Flynn


Following the discovery that Sam Flynn is in Brazil (see Sam Tracker for more details), a Flynn Lives operative was sent to the Amazon Capoeira martial arts school in Rio Fiamente to find him.

This page is intended as a backup / mirror of the site and the changes that may occur over time. If you see something changed, please log the details with a date.

[edit] April 28, 2010

After a short video introduction showing the operative walking through the school, the site shows a close up of Sam's locker. The combination lock can be turned, but at this point the combo was not yet known. Therefore, discovering the combination became the new focus of the trail.

[edit] Finding the Combination

Sam's locker, locked
Sam's locker, locked

Among various updates were new Encom Intranet announcements, updates and emails. In the updates for Group 7 McCalskey Airstrip is noted, leading to that site being discovered. Looking at their partners page reveals another new site, Perfect Parachutes, which has a number you can call that gives you voicemail. On the voicemail Dumont Shipping is mentioned and has a site with a shipment tracker page. An EncomIntranet account is needed to access the information. One shipment was to Brazil, where Sam resides, and had a confirmation number that fit the requirements of a combination lock, 27-38-24. Successfulling entering 27-38-24 opens the locker.

[edit] Locker Contents

Sam's locker, opened
Sam's locker, opened

Sam has a FlynnLives poster from Operation Tron and two pictures of himself practicing capoeira on the locker door, a video camera, two books, a shirt and Encom badge hanging, a mp3 player, and a 89 sticker and space paranoids sticker on the back wall of the locker. The FlynnLives poster links to the FlynnLives website and the Encom badge links to the EncomInternaional site.

[edit] Video Camera

When clicked on the camera comes forward and opens up to show its screen. Three buttons on the camera can be clicked: one skipping to the beginning,one skipping to the end and one pause/play button. It automatically plays a clip of Sam in the locker room greeting the FlynnLives group to comment on the search for Kevin Flynn. He expresses appreciation for keeping Kevin alive in the public eye and causing Encom problems while being uninterested in pursuing leads of his father from too much disappointment.

[edit] Mp3 Player

Clicking the player brings it closer. Three songs are shown on the screen, all by Daft Punk.

  • Da Funk
  • Technologic
  • Robot Rock

[edit] Book

One of the books (actually the only one clickable) is entitled "Digital Gaming" subtitled "Programming Tomorrow's Arcade Classics" by Kevin Flynn.

Clicking the book opens it to Chapter Seven, "The Future of World Building and Design," also revealing a photo of Sam Flynn as a child in front of an original Tron arcade machine and Vice Squad neon sign. The text of the chapter's first page is entertaining, in Flynn's irreverent informal style, but doesn't otherwise seem significant.

Clicking the photo turns it over to reveal a date written on back: 4-21-88. This would put Sam at 5 or 6 years old in the photo. Also uncovered on the page behind the photo, specific characters of the text have been underlined in what appears to be blue pen. Wider underlines carefully include multiple letters. Combining all letters yields:

encom international slash space paranoids online

The web page at http://www.encominternational.com/spaceparanoidsonline/ shows the logo for the Space Paranoids Online game and a couple of animated first generation Recognizers floating over the blue-on-black game grid background. Most prominent is a countdown clock, made of isometric red blocks stacked upon the grid, counting down the days:hours:seconds:milliseconds until Space Paranoids actually goes Online. Currently, the clock is at 00:00:00:000.

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