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[edit] Badges and Honors


Registered players at can earn badges for achievements in various tasks through the course of this campaign.

[edit] Badges

Latest badge count: 29

[edit] Badges (Non-Event Specific)

Image:Badge-JoiningTheMovement.jpg Joining the Movement
Welcome to Flynn Lives.
Obtained by: Creating an account on
Image:Badge-FriendOfFlynn.jpg Friend of Flynn
Connection established.
Obtained by: Linking your Flynn Lives profile to your Facebook account

[edit] Zero Hour/Pit Cell Badges (February 2010)

Image:Badge-GridlockRendezvous.jpg Gridlock Rendezvous
Retrieved package from FL member and entered card code.
Image:Badge-ScreenScene.jpg Screen Scene
Secured invite to FL meeting for special sneak peek event.

[edit] Infiltrate Encom Badges (March 2010)

Image:Badge-SeriousContender.jpg Serious Contender
Successfully identified 30 game titles on the Arcade Aid Challenge.
Image:Badge-ForceToBeReckonedWith.jpg Force to be Reckoned With
Successfully identified 40 game titles on the Arcade Aid Challenge.
Image:Badge-GameMaster.jpg Game Master
You have named 100% of the game titles on the Arcade Aid Challenge.
Image:Badge-IdentifyYourself.jpg Identify Yourself
Created a personalized Encom employee identification badge.
Image:Badge-InsideJob.jpg Inside Job
You have found a way into the Encom Intranet. We're one step closer.

[edit] San Francisco Badge (April 2010)

Image:OperationTronBadge.jpg Operation Tron
Joined troops on the ground in San Fransisco to disrupt Encom event.

[edit] Sam Tracker Badges (April 2010)

Image:SamtrackerBadge.jpg Search For Sam
You have helped track down Sam Flynn's location in Brazil.
Image:TimekillerBadge.jpg Time Killer
You have blown 99 Recognizers off the grid.
Image:OverkillBadge.jpg Overkill
999 Recognizer kills. Relax. It's just a countdown.

[edit] Space Paranoids Online/Hello Flynn Badges (May 2010)

Image:ThinktankBadge.jpg Think Tank
Entered Sector 5 SP code into Flynn's server.
Image:CrackingthecodeBadge.jpg Cracking the Code
Unlocked hidden SP code from sector 10 to go deeper into Flynn's server.
Image:SweetrideBadge.jpg Sweet Ride
Found code from final sector of S.P. - Flynn's server has been cracked.

[edit] Encom Japan/Circuit Cycles Badges (July 2010)

Image:RideonBadge.jpg Ride On
Successfully completed levels 1-8 of Circuit Cycles.
Image:NeedlethreaderBadge.jpg Needle Threader
Successfully completed levels 9-16 of Circuit Cycles.
Image:GridpowerBadge.jpg Grid Power
Successfully completed levels 17-24 of Circuit Cycles.
Image:CircuitproBadge.gif Circuit Pro
Successfully completed levels 25-32 of Circuit Cycles.
The flashing blocks spell out the letters that lead to Identityraid

[edit] Comic-Con Identity Raid (July 2010)

Image:IdentityRaidBadge.jpg Identity Raid
You have unlocked a data_store.
Image:FlynnsArcadeBadge.jpg Flynn's Arcade
Visited the home of TRON in San Diego.

[edit] Arcade Aid (October 2010)

Image:a_aa_eightyniner.jpg 89
Successfully identified 89 game titles on the Arcade Aid Challenge.
Image:A_aa_onetwentyfive.jpeg 1-Up
Ranked up 125 correct answers on Challenging Stage, v2 at Arcade Aid.
Image:A_aa_onesixtyseven.jpeg Game Over
Found every hidden title in Arcade Aid's video game quiz. Aces!

[edit] Memory.capture (November 2010)

Image:a_homevideo.jpg Memory Capture
Recovered evidence of the life and the love that made Kevin Flynn who he was.

[edit] Digital Pulse (December 2010)

Image:a_flipthebit.jpg Flip the bit
You have illuminated the path - we must retrace Flynn's footsteps.
Image:a_digitalfrontier.jpg Digital Frontier
Only 16 people wear this badge - great work on the ground!
Image:a_eol.jpg End of line
You sent shockwaves through the system. The portal is open.

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