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[edit] Hardington's Desktop

This page is intended as a backup / mirror of the site and the changes that may occur over time. If you see something changed, please log the details with a date.

[edit] March 24, 2010

If Kurt Hardington's name is entered into the program at Arcadeaid.com/Cheatcode, it generates his intranet ID and password (471Q51M7R, GOODTEETHGREATHAIR). One of the emails in his inbox links to a remote desktop access application, allowing for the use of some of the features on his computer.

[edit] Notes to Self

  • Consult accountant RE: yacht write-off
  • Renew cigar-of-the-month club membership
  • Wheatgrass
  • Price jet-skis for possible Lake Como trip
  • Buy gift for Faith's b-day (or maybe just a card?)
  • Pay kitchen staff

[edit] Expenses (Green Desktop Icon, Spreadsheet)

[edit] Branding Strategies (Blue Desktop Icon, Slideshow)

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[edit] ABContract (Yellow Desktop Icon, Legal Letter)

[DB logo]
Dunner & Bolatsky

To: Kurt Hardington c/o Encom International

As per your request,we are preparing a bound copy of Alan Bradley's Encom contract
for your perusal.However, as your legal counsel,I can assure you that it is airtight;
whatever loopholes you were seeking just don't exist in this document.Not to put too
fine a point on the matter,but his position at the company is almost more stable than

When said contract does arrive at your office, please print out this page,sign it,and
return it to us. As a matter of protocol,we must include this paperwork in our records.



I,Kurt Hardington,verify that I have received the material(s) that I requested from the
law offices of Dunne & Bolatsky twelve (12) day(s) ago.

[space for signature and date]

[edit] Verbisware Program Menu (Encom Logo Icon)

Verbisware Software Suite
  • System Chat
  • Web Browser
  • Email
  • System Preferences
  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • Word Processor
  • Stock Updates
  • Media Player
  • MC Chess 2.0
  • SP 0.1.2

Clicking on "Verbisware Software Suite" brings up a program information window:

Version 7.0.23 OS
PROCESSOR - 3.5 GHz Custom Encom Chipset

Clicking on any program other than System Chat or Calendar yields an error message; clicking on the other two programs launches them.

[edit] System Chat

There is a recorded video chat with a Celia in which she gives Kurt the idea to use Alan Bradley as a figure head (or spokesperson) to reduce his Flynn "street cred."

There is also a logged text chat with Alan Bradley about Alan going to Scandinavia for a Climate Change summit.

3/5/2010 6:18 PM Hardington/Bradley Text Chat
3/5/2010 6:18 PM H: Alan! Glad I caught you before quitting time.
3/5/2010 6:20 PM B: Actually, I won't be quitting for quite a while yet. What's up?
3/5/2010 6:23 PM H: Just wanted to touch base, say hi. I haven't officially congratulated you on all the great press you got from your visit to that climate change summit.
3/5/2010 6:28 PM B: Thanks, Kurt - means a lot to me.
3/5/2010 6:30 PM H: Just curious, but I don't recall an official authorization to send you there on behalf of Encom
3/5/2010 6:34 PM B: I wasn't there on behalf of Encom. I was just in the neighborhood.
3/5/2010 6:40 PM H: Scandinavia?
3/5/2010 6:45 PM B: It's a big neighborhood. Is there a problem?
3/5/2010 6:48 PM H: No! Course not! It's just that I would have loved to formulate a plan before you represented us there - that's all.
3/5/2010 6:49 PM B: Well, what can I say? When the president invites you along as an emissary of responsible corporate practices (at least, I think that's what he called me), you can't exactly turn down a chance like that. Am I right?
3/5/2010 6:51 PM H: Always, Alan. You're always right.
3/5/2010 6:53 PM B: I do what I can.
3/5/2010 6:56 PM H: Sorry to cut our rap session short, but I'd better get back to it. A CEO's work is never done. You know what I mean, Alan.
3/5/2010 6:57 PM B: I have an idea. Well, thanks for the kind words, Kurt.

[edit] Calendar

[edit] March 30, 2010

Various content on the remote desktop has been updated.

[edit] New notes to self

  • Buy deluxe pet carrier for Princess
  • Settle out of court w/pedestrian who ran into my car
  • Fresh paintjob for RV
  • Get $1 bills to tip bellhops (or maybe quarters)

[edit] Travel Confirmation (Yellow Desktop Icon, Internal Memo)

[Encom logo]
Encom International
Corporate Communications

March 29, 2010
Good afternoon, Mr. Hardington

I'm writing to confirm that I secured two tickets for you and Mrs. Hardington to that ski resort you love so much. Don't worry - they just made a batch of fresh powder and the weather will be gorgeous this weekend. All you need to do is print out this PDF and sign it to authorize the Encom travel coordinator to give your vital details to the airline.

I know that you're hesitant to be away from San Fran while the press conference is going down, but I assure you, it's the last place you need to be. I'm handling it - the product rollout will go seamlessly.

Celia Melardin, Communications Director

I, the undersigned, hereby release my personal information to the Encom travel department for use by their coordinator.

_________________________ (Signature) ___________________ (Date)

[edit] System Chat

There is a new text chat with Alan Bradley about the upcoming press conference.

3/30/2010 8:23 AM Hardington/Bradley Text Chat
3/30/2010 8:23 AM H: How was your meeting with Celia?
3/30/2010 8:25 AM B: She's got a lot of idea.
3/30/2010 8:28 AM H: I know - I hired her. So, how is the speech going?
3/30/2010 8:32 AM B: Ever forward.
3/30/2010 8:35 AM H: When can I have a look?
3/30/2010 8:37 AM B: Why don't we meet in San Fran before the event? We can have a casual dinner and discuss any concerns you might have.
3/30/2010 8:38 AM H: I'm too busy to attend the press conference - won't be in SF.
3/30/2010 8:41 AM B: Wherever you'll be, I hope you have a good time.
3/30/2010 8:42 AM H: How about that speech?
3/30/2010 8:44 AM B: How about it?
3/30/2010 8:44 AM H: I made my intentions perfectly clear to Celia. Did she convey them to you? Or do I need to call her in for another meeting?
3/30/2010 8:45 AM B: No, no - Celia did her job perfectly. I know what you want.
3/30/2010 8:45 AM H: It's more about what I don't want. We shouldn't bring up Kevin Flynn's name during this press conference. This is about the new product and Flynn just muddies up the waters.
3/30/2010 8:47 AM B: The water is pretty muddy already. Encom never did apologize for how things played out back in '90. Maybe you want to clear things up at the press conference? Cancel your travel plans and give a little speech about how wrong it was to abandon the search for Flynn and throw him under a bus?
3/30/2010 8:49 AM H: Hey, I had nothing to do with that.
3/30/2010 8:51 AM B: Of course not - you were just a fresh-faced CEO who didn't know how to control the board. It happens to the best of us (I should know).
3/30/2010 8:53 AM H: Just get me a draft at your earliest convenience.
3/30/2010 8:53 AM B: Talk soon.

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