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[edit] IMAX Screening meetups

If you are able to get to one of these cities [and intend to], please add your info (name, contact info, some profile link?) by your city. If you have your guest slot available please let us know!

  • See for more details
  • NOTE: If you have an extra spot (each ticket is admit TWO) and are feeling gracious, please indicate you have a spot so that someone else might be able to get in as well! (Or if you want to go as a +1, you can add your name in the section at the bottom of this page)

[edit] Saturday, Feb 27th

[edit] New York, NY - AMC Loews Lincoln Square IMAX, 10:00am EST
[edit] Los Angeles, CA - IMAX Theatre at The Bridge, 2:30pm PST

Ryan Rocketship (twitter: @ryanruppe) +1 available

[edit] London, UK - bfi London IMAX Cinema, 1:30pm GMT
[edit] Toronto, ON - Scotiabank IMAX Theater, 11:00am EST

[edit] Sunday, Feb 28th

[edit] Sydney, Aus. - LG IMAX Theatre, 10:00am EDT
  • Lysithea Turns out I have a +1 available after all. No twitter updates; the Sydney IMAX security guard is pretty strict.
  • Xombiekitty We will be there early, but we will not wait for late arrivals. (Twitter @chaoticgeek) Two x +1 available

[edit] I want to go! If you have haven't chosen your +1 yet, pick me!

If you really want to go, but didn't get a ticket, add your name below. Maybe someone will get in touch with you and offer you their guest spot!

  • (NYC) Darnell0216, @Darnell0216, will be checking here and Twitter until ~2am'ish. Back up at 7am to look again for an invite (train leaves at 8:14).
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