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[edit] Hello Flynn


Access page to Kevin's server
Access page to Kevin's server
How server appears when accessed
How server appears when accessed
  • Summary: ISOlatedThinker reveals through the secret forum that he used to work at Encom with Kevin Flynn. Having been fired, he snuck away with an old work server of Kevin's. He could only gain access to basic entry, so posted an interface to the server online at http://helloflynn.com. With the publishing of Space Paranoids Online (direct link) the game, still containing much of Flynn's original code, secret barcodes were discovered in each of the 15 levels (sectors). On decoding the barcodes, it was discovered that they could be entered into Flynn's server ([1]) to retrieve hidden files - blueprints and concepts of Lightcycles, Recognizers, other vehicles, and bits of backstory in the Tron world.
  • Codes and their hidden files are listed and documented below.
  • Badges are awarded on retrieving the secret files with codes found in Sectors 5, 10, and 15 (May 6th), and the memory capture (Nov 17th).

[edit] Hidden Files

[edit] May 6, 2010

Discovered from barcodes hidden within Space Paranoids Online

X7G9055V4G01 light.cycle.sketch.02
file link
06Y922X01M33 light.cycle.sketch.01
file link
7FQ000MD84PM gen.01.light.cycle.5view
(X7G* Description)
file link
L66NXN0281ZX lc.gen.02.controlsystem
(7FQ* Description)
file link
799904778091 lc.nextgen.flapsystem
(Sector 1)
file link
100371028938 lc.nextgen.engine
(Sector 2)
file link
410293467815 lc.arena.spiral.schem
(Sector 3)
file link
011237800912 lc.arena.hpipe.schem
(Sector 4)
file link
626389027515 lc.gen.02.fullspin
(Sector 5)
file link
888822039114 lc.gen.02.render.02
(Sector 6)
file link
151515490289 reco.nextgen.wireframe
(Sector 7)
file link
727890719279 reco.nextgen.detail.01
(Sector 8)
file link
337189980152 reco.nextgen.detail.02
(Sector 9)
file link
290340190282 reco.nextgen.platform
(Sector 10)
file link
840148990104 reco.nextgen.3Dsketch
(Sector 11)
file link
531009182201 reco.nextgen.render.01
(Sector 12)
file link
900423917780 reco.nextgen.fullspin
(Sector 13)
file link
479881022294 lc.gen.02.render.01
(Sector 14)
file link
587349100092 4w.vehicle.render
(Sector 15)
file link
[edit] July 22, 2010

Discovered through events taking place during Comic-Con 2010, Identityraid

FRU784JKK1E5 family.photoscan.88 file link
POREKD23J12J eolc.skyline.render file link
TURK741O34KE eolc.recorooftop.render file link
ESOR830SYROB dgaming.chap7.draft.01 file link
BU7YREKD3HD5 dgaming.chap7.draft.02 file link
URTFOCD23JP6 time.theory.compare.notes file link
[edit] November 17, 2010

Discovered through the Arcade Aid arcade quiz version 2 game's bonus level

139378391318 book.tour.salvation audio link (mp3)

I just started my book tour, but no matter how far I travel, I can't seem to shake my demons. They seem to linger in my nightmares - half digital, half flesh. I've started leaving reminders of the man I once was: I need to rescue that Kevin Flynn and get back to being a father, a programmer.
This will require some engineering.

675469546194 mastering.control file link

Notes: Control is just an illusion. I've learned that I can't control the grid. I can't control my fate and I almost can't control myself. No restart button, no way out.

428231880763 landscape.evolution audio link (mp3)

My latest foray into digital landscape architecture has left me both speechless and effusive, simultaneously.

356343532556 jordan.beauty photo link

Notes: Jordan's eyes are a unique hue that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world - that's because they change with every situation. There's the wistful blue that flashes whenever she holds a newborn baby. Then, there's the vibrant green that erupts when I track motor oil into the house <a mistake I won't soon make again>. And, most importantly, there's a the placid hazel that clouds her irises when she's about to kiss me...

I keep referring to her in the present tense. I need to stop doing that.

But, her eyes were more than just aesthetically beautiful - they weree piercing, brilliant portals into her genius. Those eyes envisioned worlds beyond our own. The architectural work she did for Hydecker Designs inspired me to re-imagine the grid. Maybe someday, our structures will coil together like helixes izn[sic] a digital chromosome.

273143722135 artificial.intelligence file link

Notes: Artificial intelligence has never been so plausible - new examples are arising every day, every cycle. I feel like a proud parent <again>. I will do all I can to protect these children of the grid from any harm, but I feel the cold breath of a digital reaper, coming to harvest fresh souls. I will fight him.

329363554862 lodgemont.interior file link

Notes: Construction is a tricky devil. Every wall must be aptly fortified to ensure the safety of all tenants within - otherwise, they would all be crushed. The construction of a circuit board is similarly exacting. Date storage relies on the stability of an elaborate digital interface, characterized by the sharp, interconnected curves of many fragile metallic fibers. If there's one imperfection in the design, all of this vital information <safety> could get crushed, just like those unlucky tenants.

485926738343 lodgemont.detail-1 file link

Notes: Even with everything I've lost, I still consider myself a supremely fortunate man. The finer things in life have all been accessible to me: good food, nice clothes, expensive living quarters. It is possible to envelope yourself with luxury and cut yourself off from the real world, if you choose to do so. Designing my own prison from state-of-the-art concepts and sound architectural theory... sounds crazy, but I wouldn't put it past me.

698478232862 memory.capture video link

Notes: I digitized these videos to preserve my memories forever, but now I regret that decision. To see my son and late wife trapped in this pixelated hell - it kills me. The grid is a cold pseudo-realm: it's no place for people so loving as my family. People don't belong there. Sam doesn't belong there.

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