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[edit] Encom International Employee Badge

  • Received by mail, first reported March 17th

[edit] Envelope

Envelope for Badge
Envelope for Badge
  • Standard Sealed Air Jiffylite #000 Envelope
  • Return Address: Flynn Lives PO BOX 236 San Diego, CA 92101
  • Mailed: USPS First Class

[edit] Contents

[edit] Note
Note With Badge
Note With Badge
The Note included in the package

Dear "Encom employee"

I've been cranking out these badges in my workroom (behind Arcade Aid). Well, you don't know the half of it.

I've also been working my magic on the Encom system so that you can access it using the unique ID number on your badge. Your password is the same one you use ofver at FlynnLives.com - please note: only this password/ID combination will work (as I said - workin' my magic, but that's the furthest my magic can go).

This is the hardest I've worked since the first time I beat Astro-Gunner back in '87 (I was on that machine for three days straight - still have the calluses to prove it). Time to take a break and... play some Astro-Gunner.


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[edit] QR Code

The QRCode decodes to the url of the Encom Intranet, where the login and password are the Employee number located on the badge, and the FlynnLives.com profile password.

[edit] Holographic label
Holographic label
Holographic label

[edit] Clearance level

Reported clearance levels:

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