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[edit] Dumont Shipping


A subsidiary of Encom, Dumont Shipping is a global shipping company that promotes eco-friendly business practices. They were mentioned on a voicemail of one of the Perfect Parachutes employees. Was used to figure out Sam's combination.

[edit] Home

Dumont is a name you can trust. Synonymous with courtesy, efficiency and conservation, Dumont Shipping has been meeting the world's distribution needs for almost half a century.

And as a member of the global community, we take the environment seriously. That's why over 60% of our fleet runs on natural gas. We also sponsor local recycling initiatives whenever possible. Plus, our packing materials are biodegradable and the majority of our inks are manufactured from soy byproducts.

To learn more about Dumont Shipping, simply peruse our site. Have a great day.

[edit] History

Back in 1963, a humble delivery service called Telninger's began shipping to businesses within the tri-state area. Bolstered by great word-of-mouth and a work ethic unmatched by any other major distribution company, Mr. Telninger secured contracts with several major corporations over the course of the next two decades...

...One of those corporations was ENCOM.

In 1990, Telninger signed an historic deal with the brass over at ENCOM to become the exclusive shipper for the software conglomerate. This partnership would eliminate the need for wasteful transportation practices - no middlemen, no circuitous routes, no hassle.

To this day, we stand by our commitment to responsible distribution - Mr. Telninger would have wanted it that way.

[edit] Encom Shippment Tracker

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[edit] Shipments

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