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[edit] March 25, 2010

A new page was discovered on the website after being linked from a new discussion thread in the Flynn Lives forums. The page produces a username and password after supposedly hacking something based on a provided string. The username and password produced belong to employees of Encom International, and log in to the Encom Intranet.

[edit] Known logins

The following known logins gain access to the employee intranet at

Name Employee ID Password Group
Alan BradleyA851F66G8-#6)/+)PNEGroup 3
Markus Grenwald19CR8624T12345654321Group 3
Patricia JalardyRZ6V5419AS@L3S43V@H!Group 3
Willa FrewerS7P1E536TF63DFQGA9KGroup 3
Kurt Hardington471Q51M7RGOODTEETHGREATHAIRGroup 1

All the above logins now return an ACCESS INFRACTION page: Link:

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