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[edit] Encom International


Encom is the world's largest manufacturer of computer software and video games. Founded by Dr. Walter Gibbs in 1972, Encom first emerged into the public eye in 1980, when testing of Alan Bradley's advanced computer security program Tron first began and Kevin Flynn's video games started a national arcade craze unlike any other before it. Flynn would take over as CEO in 1983, and by 1985 Encom had secured its position as number one in the industry. Flynn's mysterious disappearance in 1989 caused the company's stock to plunge, but Encom was able to rebuild itself by expanding into more fields in the industry, albeit at the cost of the innovative ideas that had marked the Kevin Flynn era.

[edit] Encom CEOs

[edit] Products

[edit] Games
[edit] Non-Gaming Software
  • Tron (security program)
  • Millenium Proofer (Y2K repair tool)
  • Verbisware (operating system)

[edit] Subsidiaries

[edit] Partners

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