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[edit] Flynn Lives Secret Forum

The forum as of April 8,2010
The forum as of April 8,2010


A hidden in-game forum on where followers of Kevin Flynn discuss information revolving around finding Flynn. From the first thread it appears that they had to reset the forum due to too much clutter.

[edit] Threads

[edit] Hitting the Reset Button


11/18/2008 2:57:47 PM
Admin: OK, so up until now, our forums were a mess - I admit it. So, here's a fresh take on the boards. Tell me how much you hate them.
11/18/2008 5:33:26 PM'
SkateItOut: Hate them? These are killer!
11/18/2008 6:05:13 PM
CindyGirl: I agree, Admin - thanks!
11/18/2008 8:47:21 PM
Admin: Admin’s not my real name, but you’re welcome.
11/19/2008 10:14:19 AM
JustTheFacts: Awesome - no junky threads to sift through!
11/19/2008 11:07:19 AM
Admin: Yeah, they were kinda getting out of hand. Let's just not pollute this new system with a bunch of randomness, OK?
11/19/2008 12:03:01 PM
MeganRules: That reminds me - wanna see a picture of my cat wearing sunglasses? Just kidding!
11/21/2008 9:17:50 AM
DonutLuvver: The new boards are great!

[edit] Is Someone Messing with Me?


1/22/2009 1:47:08 PM
ZackAttack: Remember those scripts I set up to scan for Flynn stuff? Because I found something pretty weird the other day.
1/22/2009 2:25:02 PM
SkateItOut: You mean the ones you implemented like five years ago?
1/22/2009 2:57:58 PM
ZackAttack: It's been longer then that, but yeah... Judge for yourself:
1/22/2009 3:09:53 PM
DonutLuvver: Whoa! What is that?
1/22/2009 3:31:57 PM
ZackAttack: Looks like a lightcycle to me.
1/22/2009 3:33:10 PM
MeganRules: And what’s up with that funky URL? I'm putting my codebreaker hat on, but I'm not seeing a pattern emerge
1/22/2009 3:38:07 PM
ZackAttack: There is none - believe me. I grew a full beard and lost ten pounds sitting here trying to find one. It doesn’t exist.
1/22/2009 3:49:43 PM
CindyGirl: So, why would all this stuff be showing up now?
1/22/2009 4:17:07 PM
RecycleOrDie: It’s a real mind-warper.
1/22/2009 4:33:17 PM
JustTheFacts: I don't buy it - total fraud.
1/22/2009 4:52:15 PM
ZackAttack: That's why I want to know where these images came from. It wasn't one of you guys playing a prank?
1/22/2009 5:08:22 PM
MeganRules: You're giving us a lot of credit, there. These look like Flynn's designs to me.
1/22/2009 5:29:37 PM
RecycleOrDie: To reiterate: it's a real mind-warper.

[edit] Two Decade, No Slowing Down


3/3/2009 8:12:16 PM
JuniorG: I can't believe that this is the 20th anniversary of Flynn's disappearance. It seems like he's still around - in our computers, in our imagination, in our hearts.
3/3/2009 8:42:12 PM
KingSeth: Well said.
3/3/2009 9:15:36 PM
CindyGirl: You want a real blast from the past? Check it:
3/3/2009 9:34:41 PM
RecycleOrDie: Radical! That's the issue where he basically predicted that we would all be relying on GPS in ten years, right?
3/3/2009 9:50:57 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Yup - the world was a few years behind Mr. Flynn, but he was right on the money.

[edit] OK, It's No Coincidence, they're lightcycles


3/26/2009 2:58:42 PM
Admin: Zack, I found one, too - look at this:
3/26/2009 3:23:52 PM
ZackAttack: Man, I don't know whether to be freaked out or encouraged.
3/26/2009 3:40:15 PM
MeganRules: Let's go with encouraged. We've been searching for this kind of confirmation for years, right?
3/26/2009 3:49:02 PM
ZackAttack: But, this might be another dead-end. And the last thing we need is more disappointment.
3/26/2009 5:02:09 PM
JuniorG: I don't know how you can put "lightcycles from the beyond" and "disappointment" in the same thread. We're on to something, folks!
3/26/2009 6:46:02 PM
DonutLuvver: I'm with you, Junior - I read "Digital Frontier" (about 12 times) and Flynn described how lightcycles would move in the real world. This is straight out of his book.
3/26/2009 6:53:38 PM
JuniorG: You only read it 12 times? Slacker.

[edit] Game On!


7/12/2009 12:16:55 PM
ZackAttack: OK, call me crazy (most people do), but I was thinking that we should hold an event to honor Kevin Flynn and remind everyone of his accomplishments - he's out there, I can feel it in my guts.
7/12/2009 1:07:54 PM
RecycleOrDie: Definitely, something's up - those lightcycle sites just keep messing with my head
7/12/2009 1:24:01 PM
AnonymousPete: We've got to spread the word about these finds. Let's get something together. When?
7/12/2009 1:51:28 PM
ZackAttack: Should be something to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of Flynn's disappearance.
7/12/2009 2:06:13 PM
AnonymousPete: Isn't that coming right up?
7/12/2009 2:25:53 PM
ZackAttack: Yup - we better get crackin'. I'm already working on a little something special to show off at the event.
7/12/2009 2:37:22 PM
MeganRules: We'd better get ready to sign up a new crop of members...

[edit] Flynn's Arcade Rocked in a Major Way


7/28/2009 6:42:21 PM
DonutLuvver: I can't believe I got to visit Flynn's Arcade. And I got some sick pictures, too!

7/28/2009 6:43:07 PM
MeganRules: Yeah, it was quite a turnout - good to see y'all there.
7/28/2009 7:50:38 PM
SkateItOut: That invisible ink blew my mind - never seen anything like it before
7/28/2009 8:17:35 PM
RecycleOrDie: You've never seen a blacklight?
7/28/2009 8:29:32 PM
SkateItOut: Just on TV - y'know that show where they investigate crime scenes? I forget the title.
7/28/2009 9:55:42 PM
ZackAttack: I can't believe you guys are talking about TV and blacklight posters - there's a bigger picture here. We obviously have momentum on our side - the numbers at the arcade event spoke for themselves. We can't just let this energy dissipate. Our new members are ready for action.
7/28/2009 9:59:45 PM
Gamer4Life: Yeah, I joined up the minute I got home from the arcade.
7/28/2009 10:06:34 PM
BrettPro: Me, too!
7/28/2009 10:09:39 PM
MeganRules: Great to have you guys aboard. So, what's the next step, Zack?
7/29/2009 12:08:38 AM
ZackAttack: Still formulating a plan. Just be ready for anything.

[edit] I Look Gooooooooood


8/3/2009 7:06:36 PM
SkateItOut: All must bow to the king of style (me)
8/3/2009 8:48:41 PM
MeganRules: Cool shirt - I've got one just like it.
8/3/2009 8:53:26 PM
SkateItOut: We got so much in common, babe.
8/3/2009 8:59:13 PM
MeganRules: Uh, the name's Megan.
8/3/2009 8:59:13 PM
SkateItOut: Well, "Megan," wanna date?
8/3/2009 9:04:15 PM
MeganRules: Gee thanks, but I'm taken... and not interested.
8/3/2009 9:23:05 PM
SkateItOut: Worth a try. Any other girlz on here?
8/3/2009 9:34:14 PM
CindyGirl: Nope.

[edit] Check This Out


2/12/2010 8:19:49 PM
Admin: Here's a link y'all might like
2/12/2010 8:45:20 PM
JuniorG: Wow - thanks for sharing that!
2/12/2010 8:56:16 PM
BrettPro: Ditto!
2/12/2010 9:31:47 PM
JustTheFacts: I can't wait to send these out.

[edit] EncomInternational - What's Their Deal?


2/23/2010 10:08:55 AM
SkateItOut: Sure, they make cool games, but they also spend all this time developing, like, math programs, networking solutions, "synergy" and other stuff I don't care about. Borrrrring. Zzzzzzzz (that's me snoring because they put me to sleep).
2/23/2010 11:19:02 AM
JuanStar: But, the Encom of the 80's was a whole different story. Real innovation, a connection with the audience - in short, it was Kevin Flynn's Encom.
2/23/2010 11:56:42 AM
RecycleOrDie: Then he was gone and Encom became one of the world's biggest polluters - 4.2 million tons of toxic waste per year, to be exact. Luckily, Alan Bradley stepped in and reduced their carbon footprint.
2/23/2010 1:04:27 PM
MeganRules: Too bad Encom had already pushed Bradley aside as their CEO - he might have been able to prevent them from becoming the soulless, money-grubbing mega-conglomerate that it is today.
2/23/2010 3:41:26 PM
RecycleOrDie: True, but we can't rely on the scant few activists like Alan Bradley to do things for us; we need to rally in the streets, stand up and raise our voices.
2/23/2010 4:24:00 PM
SkateItOut: Last word!
2/23/2010 5:26:31 PM
RecycleOrDie: Your maturity is overwhelming. If you actually want to educate yourself on this subject, Skate rat, here's an article you might like:

[edit] Shout Out to Flynn


2/25/2010 9:01:21 AM
DesignDoc:Just want to give a shout for KF. His books got me through grad school. Someone who thought there was a higher purpose to technology and a human-scaled interaction with infinity... KEVIN FLYNN, WHEREVER YOU ARE, WE WILL FIND YOU!!
2/25/2010 9:03:32 AM
2/25/2010 9:08:11 AM
MeganRules:Okay, that's my tagline. I love your energy, but it might be time to step away from the keyboard and hydrate.
2/25/2010 9:09:43 AM
RecycleOrDie:NO!! I mean, yes to hydration, but no to letting up on the energy. Now that FL is stronger than ever, I think it's time we try to track down Flynn. We've got the world's attention after all this time - people are ready to DO something...
2/25/2010 9:12:35 AM
BrettPro:They sure are. It's good to know we've got peeps like Avatrix and Miss-Selector on the ground.
2/25/2010 9:41:20 AM
ISOlatedThinker:But let's not forget, Kevin Flynn also deserves some major kudos. He inspired us and we're following his lead.
2/25/2010 9:53:46 AM
DonutLuvver:It just shows you how Kevin Flynn changed a generation and that generation is changing the world. I got these from some friends in Los Angeles
2/25/2010 9:55:23 AM
AnonymousPete:FLYNN LIVES!! They got our mission statement - good call printing those out, Meg.
2/25/2010 10:17:30 AM
MeganRules:No prob - here are some pics from a guy I used to know in Chicago. We used to have deep-dish eating contests and once I got sick in my purse... Why am I telling you this? Just look at the pictures
2/25/2010 10:20:10 AM
DonutLuvver:Looks like the word is out. So why hasn't Encom weighed in?
2/25/2010 10:32:24 AM
SkateItOut:You know why...follow the money!
2/25/2010 10:34:44 AM
RecycleOrDie:Exactly. Stock price is up - business is booming, Encom wants no mention of Flynn in the press... or in the minds of their precious consumers. It's up to us, folks.
2/25/2010 10:35:47 AM
BrettPro:Hey, my buddy in NYC just sent these - check 'em out
2/25/2010 10:37:56 AM
JuniorG:Cool, but if I had my druthers, I would have been in Portland (looks warmer there)
2/25/2010 10:42:27 AM
SkateItOut:Oh, man - I gotta go.
2/25/2010 10:43:14 AM
RecycleOrDie:What's the rush?
2/25/2010 10:46:14 AM
SkateItOut:My gym teacher is telling me to get off my PDA and play crab soccer. Yeah, like that's a useful skill.
2/25/2010 10:48:54 AM
MeganRules:Good luck!

[edit] Are You Worthy?


3/1/2010 12:43:46 PM
ZackAttack:Check this out.
3/1/2010 12:48:16 PM
3/1/2010 1:02:04 PM
Gamer4Life:As my screen name suggests, this is kinda what I live for. Getting ready to dig into it now - thanks, Zack!



3/7/2010 2:17:24 PM
ISOlatedThinker: So everyone here knows that Kevin Flynn isn't just the guy who created Tron right?
3/7/2010 2:50:37 PM
Gamer4Life: Wait. He's not the guy who created TRON? I mean, cause that's why I'm here. So if he's not the guy who created TRON, I am outta here...
3/7/2010 3:18:15 PM
ISOlatedThinker: No. I said, Kevin Flynn is MORE than just THE GUY WHO CREATED TRON. He's also a designer, an artist, a philosopher, an author...
3/7/2010 3:23:12 PM
MeganRules: ...a hottie...
3/7/2010 3:39:36 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Never seemed to really play the playboy card.
3/7/2010 4:03:17 PM
RecycleOrDie: But he was the soul of Encom (when they actually HAD a soul, that is). Now they're just a profit monster. Unfortunately, I sold my stock in the company out of principle.
3/7/2010 4:07:57 PM
SkateItOut: Hippie McGee? You owned stock?
3/9/2010 4:12:21 PM
RecycleOrDie: I told you not to call me that. And yes - I played the market once upon a time. Here's a page from an old stock prospectus that shows just how emotionless the bigwigs at Encom really are:

[edit] Just Call Me "The Badger"


3/15/2010 3:37:46 AM
ZackAttack: You wouldn't believe how many badges we've sent out. We've got supporters all over the globe.
3/15/2010 8:14:35 AM
DonutLuvver: Badges? Why do we need any stinking badges?
3/15/2010 8:27:49 AM
ZackAttack: All will be explained in good time. Until then, check out what else I've been working on:

3/15/2010 8:33:37 AM
ZackAttack: BTW - I've protected your Flynn Lives passwords, so you don't have to worry about Encom tracing things back to you guys.

[edit] Why Did U Join FL?


3/12/2010 9:14:56 AM
AnonymousPete: Just curious.
3/19/2010 9:42:21 AM
RecycleOrDie: I've been here from the get-go. I joined out of respect for Kevin Flynn and I stayed out of spite for what Encom International has become (a faceless, money-grubbing pile of pollutants and mediocrity)
3/19/2010 10:13:30 AM
SkateItOut: Geez, tell us what you really think.
3/19/2010 10:18:08 AM
CindyGirl: Leave him alone, Skate.
3/19/2010 10:31:55 AM
KingSeth: What about you, Cindy? When did you join?
3/19/2010 10:55:43 AM
CindyGirl: I joined after my dad left home. I was 8. Everyone here was so supportive. They understood the loss I endured (on some level, at least). Kevin Flynn was like a father to an entire generation of thinkers, dreamers, artists and techies. When he disappeared, we all felt a little more alone than normal.
3/19/2010 11:07:31 AM
RecycleOrDie: Amen to that.
3/19/2010 11:13:03 AM
Gamer4Life: Wow - even though I joined pretty recently, I feel like you guys really care about each other.
3/19/2010 11:15:10 AM
MeganRules: First of all, we're not all guys. And secondly, it doesn't matter how long you've been a member - we're here for each other.
3/19/2010 11:23:57 AM
SkateItOut: Man, this is getting sappy.
3/19/2010 11:42:22 AM
DonutLuvver: Sorry, Skate - why did you join?
3/19/2010 11:56:18 AM
SkateItOut: I just like messing with the establishment.
3/19/2010 12:01:29 PM
DesignDoc: Really? That's the only reason?
3/19/2010 12:33:59 PM
SkateItOut: Yeah - you don't need some big tragedy in your life to make you want to feel like you belong. I mean, I don't get along with my parents all the time, but my life isn't so bad. I just think it could be way better - that's why I play video games all the time, and I like other people who play. That's how I first got involved with Flynn Lives - we all know that Kevin Flynn pretty much invented the best games around, so why not shout his name from the rooftops and see what happens?
3/19/2010 1:06:25 PM
DonutLuvver: Very cool - let's start shouting.
3/19/2010 1:44:48 PM
3/19/2010 1:47:22 PM
DonutLuvver: It was a metaphor
3/19/2010 2:02:27 PM
SkateItOut: Yeah, I don't get those
3/19/2010 2:15:10 PM
DonutLuvver: Just a reminder - stay in school, Skate.

[edit] IGN, Starring Alan Bradley


3/24/2010 9:46:36 AM
BrettPro: Very cool interview with A-Brad on IGN
3/24/2010 9:48:43 AM
SkateItOut: He's, like, the only rad grown-up I know of.
3/24/2010 9:51:26 AM
RecycleOrDie: Ahem!
3/24/2010 9:54:13 AM
SkateItOut: No offense - but Alan Bradley is kinda the jam.
3/24/2010 10:01:09 AM
ZackAttack: So, I guess Encom still has a shred of soul – good to know. But, I've got a plan to spice up their little press conference.
3/24/2010 10:04:39 AM
JustTheFacts: Jump over to the other thread, dude – we're on it!

[edit] Encom Press Conference - Are You There?


3/24/2010 7:56:51 AM
ISOlatedThinker: Have you seen the junk on their intranet?
3/24/2010 8:09:52 AM
MeganRules: Yeah - what are we thinking on that "press conference" front?
3/24/2010 8:36:39 AM
RecycleOrDie: I'm sure it's just a ploy to boost their stock.
3/24/2010 8:54:08 AM
JustTheFacts: Could be - but the reporter in me thinks there's real news afoot.
3/24/2010 9:08:05 AM
SkateItOut: You talk like you're on daytime television.
3/24/2010 9:17:58 AM
JustTheFacts: Just the facts, man.
3/24/2010 9:35:24 AM
RecycleOrDie: Encom could only have two possible types of news to announce: 1) that they intend to flood the market with some new product that everyone just MUST buy, or 2) that they deny all blame for some faulty software they already released. Either way, I won't trust a thing they have to say.
3/24/2010 9:46:52 AM
JustTheFacts: Who said anything about trust? I just want to be two steps ahead of this story.
3/24/2010 10:22:26 AM
ZackAttack: Y'know what? This is exactly what they want.
3/24/2010 10:31:01 AM
MeganRules: Not following you, Zack.
3/24/2010 10:32:34 AM
ZackAttack: They want everyone to ponder what big plans they have so they can drive up interest in their products. Let's remember what Encom is all about: the almighty dollar.
3/24/2010 10:49:54 AM
MeganRules: Which brings us to the million-dollar question: are y'all going to attend their press conference? We've got the badges we need to gain entry.
3/24/2010 11:06:03 AM
JustTheFacts: I'm so there. Just bought my ticket.
3/24/2010 11:07:15 AM
MeganRules: We're driving up the coast, taking our time
3/24/2010 11:12:18 AM
CindyGirl: Booking tomorrow. Using miles. I should pack sweaters, right? It's kinda cold there, right?
3/24/2010 11:13:46 AM
SkateItOut: I'm bringing my board - I'm going to shred those hills
3/24/2010 11:15:21 AM
CindyGirl: Oh yeah, it's hilly, too. No heels. Packing the mukluks and flip-flops. I only wear two syllable shoes.
3/24/2010 11:18:57 AM
JustTheFacts: Whatever you wear, just make sure you're comfortable. We're all marching over to the Encom event.
3/24/2010 11:23:35 AM
CindyGirl: Ooh, I like what I hear.
3/24/2010 11:26:23 AM
JustTheFacts: It's the perfect moment for us to not so subtly refocus attention on the search for Kevin Flynn. They're making some big presentation on April 2nd... And we're gonna cut in on the action.
3/24/2010 11:31:31 AM
ZackAttack: Let's really make them really sit up and take notice. They'll have plenty of press on hand - let's use it!
3/24/2010 11:36:08 AM
RecycleOrDie: We should pull a sixties maneuver - stage a sit in.
3/24/2010 11:39:52 AM
CindyGirl: Perfect time to pull out the fringe vest and headband.
3/24/2010 11:43:09 AM
MeganRules: A protest? I could get into that!
3/24/2010 11:45:43 AM
ZackAttack: More of an awareness campaign. Encom acts like they never heard the name Kevin Flynn, but they still cash their checks and get fat off of his innovations. We're going to make them pay attention to him... and to us.



3/28/2010 12:14:12 PM
RecycleorDie: Just heard from a friend - that Encom event is bigger than we thought.
3/28/2010 12:22:49 PM
BrettPro: So? Are we still on?
3/28/2010 1:04:16 PM
RecycleOrDie: Definitely, but we should tread lightly - Alan Bradley deserves our respect.
3/28/2010 1:20:40 PM
SkateItOut: OK, so we wait until he's done and then GET LOUD
3/28/2010 1:36:05 PM
ZackAttack: Something like that - we'll iron out the details before the big event
3/28/2010 2:07:28 PM
SkateItOut: Right on. Totally tubular. I'm speaking to you from the Eighties, in honor of Kevin Flynn. Grody to the max, fer shur...
3/28/2010 2:12:57 PM
ZackAttack: Thankfully, the '80's sounded nothing like that. Listen - I just don't want to freak out the keynote. We want him to know we're on his side - he's one of us...
3/28/2010 2:32:44 PM
JustTheFacts: Well, he still works for Encom, but I get your point.
3/28/2010 2:34:02 PM
SkateItOut: Whatevs...
3/28/2010 2:39:28 PM
CindyGirl: I'm fine with that.
3/28/2010 2:45:48 PM
ZackAttack: I'm going to work on a meet up plan, and I'll get back to everyone with the deets.
3/28/2010 3:02:10 PM
CindyGirl: Rockin' - thanks, Z-dog.

[edit] Sweet Badge!


3/29/2010 3:37:14 PM
SkateItOut: Dudes! (and lady dudes) - I used my fake badge to get onto the Encom campus. It works!
3/29/2010 3:46:21 PM
ZackAttack: Guess it's not so fake, then - you're welcome!
3/29/2010 4:15:57 PM
RecycleOrDie: So, Skate, what was it like inside the evil empire?
3/29/2010 4:17:28 PM
SkateItOut: Wasn't there long enough to get much of a vibe - some mindless robot noticed that I didn't exactly fit the profile and he threw me out.
3/29/2010 4:28:59 PM
ISOlatedThinker: "Evil Empire?" "Mindless robot?" There are some actual humans who work at Encom, too - did you know that?
3/29/2010 4:35:37 PM
DonutLuvver: Too bad for them.
3/29/2010 4:47:07 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Too bad? Too bad that they're trying to work and feed their families during these tough economic times? Too bad that they're trying to create software that could help people drive safely or breathe deeply or harvest crops?
3/29/2010 5:08:46 PM
RecycleOrDie: Oh, you mean those massive government-subsidized farms that are ruining the planet?
3/30/2010 7:46:02 AM
RecycleOrDie: Thinker? Sorry if I offended you - subject closed.

[edit] Meet Up, In Effect


3/30/2010 7:45:55 AM
ZackAttack: OK, you've all seen the press release - Encom press conference, San Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza, April 2nd, 8pm. But, we're going to meet up a bit earlier. An old friend of mine hooked us up with a meeting spot right next to the event. We've got the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency from 6:15-7:45. Bring your Encom badges if you have them - if not - come anyway. We need as many people as we can get to help!
3/30/2010 7:48:56 AM
JuniorG: I haven't seen the press release.
3/30/2010 7:51:45 AM
ZackAttack: Give my regards to the rock you've been living under. Here it is: Press Release
3/30/2010 7:54:27 AM
KingSeth: Something wrong, dude? You seem more sarcastic than usual.
3/30/2010 7:58:05 AM
ZackAttack: I'm sorry. Just trying to make this happen - too much to do.
3/30/2010 8:02:39 AM
JuniorG: How can we help? Does everyone need an Encom Badge?
3/30/2010 8:07:12 AM
ZackAttack: I think that there will be a VIP section for Encom employees (so badges needed for that), but the event is open to the general public. We just need to get some of our members closer to the stage, ready for action.
3/30/2010 8:11:56 AM
MeganRules: I'll be there... no matter how sarcastic y'all are.
3/30/2010 8:12:32 AM
SkateItOut: Me, too - bringin' the attitude.
3/30/2010 8:14:24 AM
RecycleOrDie: Oh, great. I'll be in attendance despite Skate's ominous promise.
3/30/2010 8:17:51 AM
JuanStar: Count me in!
3/30/2010 8:22:32 AM
KingSeth: So what's the plan?
3/30/2010 8:23:32 AM
ZackAttack: We're going to interrupt their press announcement - smack dab in the middle of it all - and get their attention big time. Spread the word to all the new Flynn Lives recruits and see who can come. We need all the help we can get.
3/30/2010 8:27:06 AM
SkateItOut: Sounds like this is going to be epic!
3/30/2010 8:32:35 AM
ZackAttack: It is. I'm even bringing a truck load of Flynn Lives shirts and posters for everyone who helps.
3/30/2010 8:35:00 AM
RecycleOrDie: Did you get a chance to make those custom achievement codes to give out?
3/30/2010 8:36:44 AM
ZackAttack: Got that covered too!
3/30/2010 8:42:09 AM
MeganRules: I can't wait!
3/30/2010 8:47:50 AM
ZackAttack: I'm counting on you guys.

[edit] A Jumping Off Point


4/2/2010 9:52:17 PM
JustTheFacts: This is a posting for all you Flynn Livers who aren't here. You will hear about some craziness that just jumped off (literally) here in San Francisco. And it's all true.
4/2/2010 9:54:59 PM
4/2/2010 9:59:05 PM
JustTheFacts: Here's what happened - we met, we attended the Encom event, we heard Alan Bradley give total props to Kevin Flynn the way things should be, then before he could fully talk about Space Paranoids to be released online anyway, before the event was finished - we flipped their screen to a big FLYNN LIVES logo...
4/2/2010 10:02:41 PM
MeganRules: For somebody who claims to want Just The Facts, you should get to the point! TEN MINUTES AGO, SOMEBODY just took a flying leap from an Encom helicopter and within seconds, flung a parachute in the air, then sailed over us, landed on the street and took off!!
4/2/2010 10:03:11 PM
SkateItOut: THIS IS MY NEW THING. I've seen them on video, but I've never been right up under an extreme parachuter. Dude flew right over my head.
4/2/2010 10:07:16 PM
MeganRules: Threw everything into a crazy frenzy, perfect time in the confusion for us to start our rally - then security yanked our guy off the mic and they tried to calm everyone down, but it was so over!
4/2/2010 10:10:58 PM
Gamer4Life: Totally faced!
4/2/2010 10:13:17 PM
JustTheFacts: All I know is the entire event was taken over, with "Flynn Lives" filling the screen. Good work people. Time to paaaartyyyy!!

[edit] It's Been A While


4/2/2010 11:01:24 PM
EightyNine4ever: You guys like movies? Here's one that might interest you...
4/2/2010 11:03:08 PM
SkateItOut: No way - is that really you, Sam?!?
4/2/2010 11:06:35 PM
ZackAttack: Yeah, that's him - I recognize his screen name. Hey, Sam!
4/2/2010 11:11:27 PM
MeganRules: Cool video. We hear you Sam. Do what you've got to do.
4/2/2010 11:14:49 PM
SkateItOut: Sick Jump. Stay crazy. 89.
4/2/2010 11:15:17 PM
CindyGirl: 89. Where'd you get that stylin' chopper?
4/2/2010 11:16:46 PM
ISOlatedThinker: He's the major shareholder at Encom - inherited that title from his dad. I'm guessing it wasn't too difficult for Sam to "borrow" their bird on the sly.
4/2/2010 11:17:27 PM
JustTheFacts: 89. Stay safe, Sam. We are with you.
4/2/2010 11:22:51 PM
RecycleOrDie: 89.
4/2/2010 11:23:46 PM
ZackAttack: Wait a second? Now is definitely not the time to check out!! Stuff is coming to the surface now more than ever! We're close, Sam...
4/2/2010 11:25:15 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Sam's already gone. He rarely checks in here - I know... I remember when he used to post daily. If we want to catch up with Sam, we're gonna have to go off the grid.
4/2/2010 11:27:45 PM
MeganRules: On that note, we're off to Napa. We'll be out of touch for the rest of the night. Have fun everybody.

[edit] This Wasn't Sam's First Crazy Stunt


4/4/2010 1:16:24 PM
RecycleOrDie: Y'know that design on Sam's parachute? It sounds suspiciously close to what they describe in this old newspaper article I found in my attic - I scanned it for y'all (aren't you glad I'm a packrat?)

4/4/2010 1:27:06 PM
SkateItOut: Yeah, I took a screen shot of Sam's user icon when he posted on the boards last Friday night - here's a closer look

4/4/2010 1:33:34 PM
MeganRules: Well, he's definitely made the number 89 his own.
4/4/2010 1:40:11 PM
CindyGirl: So sad when you realize that's the year that his dad disappeared - it's a constant reminder of how alone Sam is.
4/4/2010 1:41:45 PM
SkateItOut: Man, this convo is getting capital D-pressing. I gotta skate - LaterTown!
4/4/2010 2:01:11 PM
DonutLuvver: Cool - and I'll keep eating cheese fries.
4/4/2010 2:05:41 PM
JuniorG: Branching out from donuts, are we?
4/4/2010 2:09:33 PM
DonutLuvver: Don't judge me.

[edit] The Bad Ol' Days


4/5/2010 9:08:27 AM
RecycleOrDie: Crashing that Encom event was a blast, but it really got me to thinking about some pretty dark times.
4/5/2010 9:14:35 AM
SkateItOut: You talking about when you ran out of patchouli?
4/5/2010 9:18:27 AM
RecycleOrDie: Ha (that quip didn't deserve two "ha's"). No, I meant the time right around when Kevin Flynn disappeared - Encom wanted nothing to do with him. They even went so far as to smear his name in the press.
4/5/2010 9:19:16 AM
ZackAttack: Yeah - some gratitude, huh?
4/5/2010 9:22:15 AM
RecycleOrDie: You remember it too, Zack?
4/5/2010 9:26:47 AM
ZackAttack: You callin' me old?
4/5/2010 9:34:56 AM
RecycleOrDie: Hey, we're in the same boat, pops.
4/5/2010 9:42:41 AM
ISOlatedThinker: Don't worry - Encom will get their comeuppance
4/5/2010 10:04:11 AM
ZackAttack: Nice. Their failure always makes me happy - Talk about schadenfreude
4/5/2010 10:16:59 AM
SkateItOut: Watch the language - there are kids on these boards (like me)
4/5/2010 10:22:51 AM
ZackAttack: It's not a swear it's... y'know what? Never mind.
4/5/2010 10:29:51 AM
RecycleOrDie: Hey, I found another newspaper article about the "mystery" base-jumper

4/5/2010 10:32:35 AM
SkateItOut: Wow, you really are a packrat.

[edit] Groups 1 & 3, We Hardly Knew Ye


4/7/2010 8:07:05 AM
BrettPro: Hmm, anyone notice that the Encom intranet is on lock down?
4/7/2010 8:12:43 AM
MeganRules: Yup. My Group 7 password still works, but the lower (by which I mean "higher" - some system they've got there) access levels are shut out.
4/7/2010 8:14:21 AM
ZackAttack: They had to catch on sometime. Luckily, I archived the past few updates for those who haven't had a chance to see them:
4/7/2010 8:20:48 AM
SkateItOut: ZackAttack, comin thru again!
4/7/2010 8:23:21 AM
MeganRules: You kinda rule in a major way, Zack.
4/7/2010 8:28:49 AM
BrettPro: It's unanimous!

[edit] Hey, Sam - You There?


4/8/2010 7:29:17 PM
JuniorG: He posted on the boards just last week. Is he coming back? Anyone heard from him?
4/8/2010 7:46:21 PM
RecycleOrDie: Don't count on it. He doesn't spend much time here anymore.
4/8/2010 7:51:00 PM
JuniorG: Any idea why? I mean, we're the jam!
4/8/2010 8:09:24 PM
RecycleOrDie: Jam or no jam, we represent hope - the hope that Kevin Flynn will return, unharmed... the hope that everything will be OK. Maybe hope is painful sometimes, especially for someone like Sam.
4/8/2010 8:12:59 PM
JuniorG: "Someone like Sam?"
4/8/2010 8:33:39 PM
MeganRules: He was just a kid when his dad went missing. You have to understand - he'd just lost his mother. The world was pretty ugly for little Sam Flynn (Encom accusing his father of embezzling? That didn't help). He needed us, but he was too young to really get involved. When he was older, he took a more active role in our movement - just wish we had made more progress.
4/8/2010 8:38:33 PM
RecycleOrDie: But no matter how dedicated we are to this mission of finding Kevin Flynn, we were just a way for Sam to bury his head in the sand and pretend that everything was gumdrops and sunshine. Maybe he's outgrown us...
4/8/2010 9:01:07 PM
JuniorG: Thanks for the download, Recycle and Megs.

[edit] Space Paranoids, Circa When?


4/10/2010 4:19:45 PM
Gamer4Life: I can't believe Encom is dragging their feet with this new release - I've only been waiting, like, 25 years to play SP online!
4/10/2010 4:21:18 PM
RecycleOrDie: How old are you, exactly?
4/10/2010 4:22:16 PM
Gamer4Life: 26, but that's not the point.
4/10/2010 4:34:02 PM
JuanStar: I'm with you, G4L - bring on the Recognizers now!
4/10/2010 5:08:28 PM
MeganRules: When did y'all start playing?
4/10/2010 5:49:02 PM
JuanStar: I used to go to this rad arcade every day after school. My mom worked weird hours, so she wanted me to stay at the library until she could pick me up. Guess how well that plan went over...
4/10/2010 6:37:35 PM
SkateItOut: Probably as well as my "piano lessons" (which I was supposed to be taking the whole summer of ‘05, but instead I was at the rec center spending my allowance on video games... until my folks found out what was going on and I stopped getting an allowance, of course).
4/10/2010 7:15:19 PM
DonutLuvver: Piano lessons? Do people still take those?
4/10/2010 8:03:48 PM
SkateItOut: Uh, you're obviously asking the way wrong person
4/11/2010 10:17:18 AM
Gamer4Life: OK, now that I've had time to sleep on it, I still want some answers. When will Encom pony up the goods and give us some Paranoids?
4/11/2010 10:38:48 AM
JuanStar: Maybe if we start a chant, they'll have to kowtow to our demands. PAR-A-NOIDS! PAR-A-NOIDS! PAR-A-NOIDS!
4/11/2010 10:39:39 AM
JuanStar: Hmm, that went nowhere fast
4/11/2010 10:55:50 AM
Gamer4Life: Sorry, I was in class. I missed the chance to rage... PAR-A-NOIDS!
4/11/2010 11:17:18 AM
JuanStar: Thanks, but I think it's a non-starter.

[edit] They're Teasing Us


4/14/2010 8:08:37 AM
CindyGirl: Guess the brass over at Encom heard your chant, guys - they released a teaser trailer for SP Online, just to whet our appetites:
4/14/2010 8:19:50 AM
SkateItOut: Kevin Flynn, back on top!
4/14/2010 8:54:20 AM
BrettPro: Who else could have made this gem? Check out the sweet lines on this baby!

[edit] Sam Needs Us


4/17/2010 3:14:33 PM
JuniorG: Just been pondering a lot of the stuff we've been talking about here on the boards and I think we should really reach out to Sam, wherever he is.
4/17/2010 3:22:40 PM
ISOlatedThinker: And say what, exactly?
4/17/2010 3:27:20 PM
JuniorG: Tell him that we saw him do his thing in San Francisco, getting thrown around in those crazy winds - he doesn't need to resort to these dangerous stunts to get the world's attention. We need to show our solidarity before it's too late.
4/17/2010 3:45:02 PM
ISOlatedThinker: You don't seriously think he was trying to hurt himself, do you?
4/17/2010 4:03:33 PM
JuniorG: No, but sometimes you take crazy risks when you think nobody cares. I know this from personal experience. There's no harm in showing our support, right? We should convey all the cool stuff that we've been doing in the name of his father.
4/17/2010 4:16:58 PM
ISOlatedThinker: I won't stand in your way - just want to warn you that Sam may not want us in his life right now. But, your heart is firmly in the right place.
4/17/2010 4:38:02 PM
RecycleOrDie: And before you go searching for him, I'd like to give you a bit of context - here's an old article I saved:

4/17/2010 4:51:00 PM
SkateItOut: OK, you've officially got a hoarding problem. It's time to do what you do best and recycle some of those old rags. But, it is cool to see this article - thanks, dude.

[edit] The elephant in the room: SPACE PARANOIDS


4/18/2010 2:06:17 PM
Gamer4Life: Why no mention of SP, after Encom unveiled that shiny new trailer last week?
4/18/2010 2:12:56 PM
MeganRules: Finalizing a major program like that is very work intensive. There are a lot of i's to dot and t's to cross and... other letters in the alphabet, too.
4/18/2010 2:37:49 PM
Gamer4Life: Yeah, like "grrrrrr" - I want progress! I mean, their intranet mentions how many people visited their main site, but they failed to say why... It's because people wanted to see the trailer for a little game that rhymes with "Face Flaranoids!"

[edit] OK, Then - Let's Find Sam!


4/28/2010 7:39:27 AM
ZackAttack: It's going to take some sleuthing and cooperation to track him down. We can't share all of our secrets here on the boards, so I've put up this form where we can communicate on the DL: Sam Tracker
4/28/2010 7:46:27 AM
CindyGirl: Very cool – so, we can submit any intel we find and you'll email us? For once, I'm actually looking forward to getting a message from you.
4/28/2010 7:51:00 AM
ZackAttack: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
4/28/2010 8:01:28 AM
DonutLuvver: Would you two stop flirting? We've got a Flynn to locate!

[edit] What's the Deal w/ AB?


4/30/2010 7:13:52 PM
DonutLuvver: Has anybody heard any more from Alan Bradley lately?
4/30/2010 7:18:36 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Nope, just heard stuff about him (20 years w/ Dumont, blah, blah). Seems like Flynn was the real environmentalist; Bradley just takes the credit.
4/30/2010 7:20:15 PM
RecycleOrDie: He's keeping Encom from consuming and polluting in the name of entertainment and technology!! Are you guys starting a thread to complain about Alan Bradley?
4/30/2010 7:27:50 PM
JuniorG: I was wondering about him, too. That speech in San Francisco confused me. He sounded like he was Kevin Flynn's best buddy, but then it was like: "But he's gone and here's what's next...!!' I mean, either you're looking for the dude or you're not, right?
4/30/2010 7:31:29 PM
KingSeth: Alan took care of Sam and tried to keep it together. I mean, look at Sam - he seems like a pretty cool dude - smart, Caltech and all and still on fire to help find his dad. I mean, Alan did the best thing - help Sam grow up semi-sane and let him take up the cause.
4/30/2010 7:38:59 PM
JuanStar: And where's Sam now that he left the capoeira school? Did we scare him off?
4/30/2010 7:44:33 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Give Sam a break. This is his Dad we're talking about. As dedicated as we are to the cause, Sam must be a million times more invested. And he gave us the heads-up on the Space Paranoids countdown, right? Ain't nothin' wrong with that!
4/30/2010 7:53:05 PM
JuanStar: He's proud of his dad's work. I get it, but all the more reason to fight, right? I'm with him when he does the jumps and yanks Encom's chain. But now there's even more happening - I mean, we're here for you, Sam!!!
4/30/2010 8:01:55 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Right. That's where Alan Bradley should be. Right by Sam's side looking for Kevin Flynn, not sucking up kudos from the suits at Encom and posing for pictures... I'm just saying.

[edit] The Badger Is Going Underground


5/3/2010 6:13:41 PM
ZackAttack: OK, I've mailed enough Encom badges to outfit a small army, but things are getting hectic over here. Going to shut down the assembly line soon before Encom shuts it down for me.
5/3/2010 6:18:12 PM
MeganRules: You OK, Zack?
5/3/2010 6:22:47 PM
ZackAttack: Fine, I just wanted to spread the word - put in your last minute requests now so I can fill every order before my hiatus.
5/3/2010 6:35:20 PM
SkateItOut: I pulled my hiatus when I tried lifting my neighbor's car off my foot (long story).
5/3/2010 6:39:06 PM
ZackAttack: Nice Skate. Also, if you're going to create a badge, make sure that your submission meets the acceptable criteria. There might not be enough time to resubmit your picture if it gets rejected this time.

[edit] Let's Get Crackin'


5/6/2010 6:05:46 AM
ISOlatedThinker: Testing, testing - anybody awake?
5/6/2010 6:14:17 AM
SkateItOut: Whoa - someone's up early.
5/6/2010 6:29:37 AM
ISOlatedThinker: That makes two of us - what gives?
5/6/2010 6:33:11 AM
SkateItOut: I racked up so much detention over the course of this semester, I gotta go in an hour early every day for the rest of the schoolyear to make good. I'll spare you the gory details (pet snake, principal's car - you do the math).
5/6/2010 6:57:12 AM
ZackAttack: Nice. What's up with you, Thinker?
5/6/2010 7:08:19 AM
ISOlatedThinker: I guess it's a good enough time as any for me to make a kind of confession. I used to work at Encom with Kevin Flynn.
5/6/2010 7:09:58 AM
ZackAttack: The Lurker is one of THEM?!!
5/6/2010 7:16:40 AM
ISOlatedThinker: I used to be. Until I made too much noise about the lack of interest in my former boss' disappearance.
5/6/2010 7:24:10 AM
CindyGirl: And you never sold your story to the tabloids?! You are a true believer. You're sitting on a gold mine.
5/6/2010 7:31:55 AM
ISOlatedThinker: I'm sitting on more than that. This newsflash is definitely for this group only, but when I knew my time was short at Encom, I managed to sneak out with one of KF's old work servers.
5/6/2010 7:35:18 AM
MeganRules: it's so low tech it actually worked? They let you do that? So many questions...
5/6/2010 7:49:47 AM
ISOlatedThinker: I was the 'go to' guy for repairs, and for a lot of things... and they kept Kevin Flynn's office just like it was for the longest time before they crafted the entire whisper campaign about the money and his 'secret' projects.
5/6/2010 8:01:31 AM
JustTheFacts: Which brings us back to the server and WHAT IS ON IT?!
5/6/2010 8:06:49 AM
ISOlatedThinker: That's the problem. I can only gain access to the basic entryway of the thing, but all of the files are passcode protected. Now that we've got a big enough group of people who aren't going to listen to the propaganda, we can see what's been hiding on this thing for so many years. We believe that Kevin Flynn is actually worth looking for, so I'm posting this for us - for Flynn Lives. Take your best shot, people. I can't crack it alone. Here
5/6/2010 8:18:34 AM
CindyGirl: We're on it. I'm still in shock that you haven't sold all this out after so long..
5/6/2010 8:21:02 AM
ISOlatedThinker: Finding my friend - our friend - is worth more to me than that.
5/6/2010 8:24:31 AM
CindyGirl: I know, but it's not like he would blame you, right? I mean what would be wrong with you being rich when he finally shows back up from whatever tropical island he's hanging out on?
5/6/2010 8:28:56 AM
MeganRules: That's where you think he is?!!!
5/6/2010 8:35:20 AM
CindyGirl: Yes. There, I said it. Kevin Flynn is just waiting to see who can find him.
5/6/2010 8:39:20 AM
SkateItOut: I never said it before, but that's what I think too...
5/6/2010 8:43:48 AM
JuniorG: He wouldn't leave Sam. He wouldn't leave his boy behind.
5/6/2010 8:44:21 AM
SkateItOut: Maybe he made some mistakes. I mean, I know we're all fans, but what if it's just true that he moved some money around and lost track of it. Maybe he didn't want Sam to think the worst. Maybe....
5/6/2010 8:48:19 AM
RecycleOrDie: He wouldn't miss out on the Digital Revolution... It's his life...
5/6/2010 8:55:03 AM
CindyGirl: I guess we might never know...
5/6/2010 9:01:11 AM
ISOlatedThinker: That's what Encom wants you to think. I've heard twenty years of these theories and none of them lead anywhere. Let's try to look at some facts, pay attention to some real clues and move this thing forward.
5/6/2010 9:03:47 AM
ZackAttack: We're in...
5/6/2010 9:04:19 AM
SkateItOut: The. Coolest. Thing. Ever.
5/6/2010 9:05:42 AM
MeganRules: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[edit] S.P. Rox!


5/6/2010 12:43:21 PM
Gamer4Life: Man, are y'all playing the new Space Paranoids? Killer!
5/6/2010 12:47:23 PM
RecycleOrDie: I love this game almost as much as I hate Encom - so many conflicting emotions.
5/6/2010 12:51:17 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Please don't use the "hate" word.
5/6/2010 12:56:14 PM
RecycleOrDie: Sorry, Thinker - still getting over the bombshell news you dropped on us this a.m.
5/6/2010 12:58:41 PM
CindyGirl: Can't talk... playing S.P.
[edit] Enter the Server


5/7/2010 2:56:37 PM
MeganRules: It's like being inside the mind of Flynn... I can't stop staring at his amazing artwork.
5/7/2010 3:04:27 PM
ZackAttack: Did you see the white lightcycle (or, as I call it, "the whitecycle")? I can't even picture it!!!
5/7/2010 3:09:05 PM
JustTheFacts: Um, he pictured it for you - organic shapes merged with the digital, rectilinear landscape. Putting human dimensions inside the grid, but as if they grew there somehow.
5/7/2010 3:11:38 PM
SkateItOut: I mean, can you picture Kevin Flynn out somewhere with a sketch pad or in a figure drawing workshop? He doesn't seem like he could stay still for that long!!!
5/7/2010 3:22:02 PM
ISOlatedThinker: I can picture it. He had his quiet moments... when he was really concentrating on something - he wouldn't come out of his office for the whole day...
5/7/2010 3:37:28 PM
Gamer4Life: Like me. I haven't moved since I got into this server... I'd hate to run into one of those Recognizers in a dark alley. See that all over the room? That's my mind being blown...
5/7/2010 3:41:54 PM
ISOlatedThinker: Thanks to everyone who worked on making this happen. I always wanted to know what Flynn was focused on before he...I still don't know how to say it - before he wasn't around anymore.
5/7/2010 3:50:19 PM
JustTheFacts: Nothing subversive. Just being an artist and a thinker.
5/7/2010 4:08:51 PM
DonutLuvver: They're always the first people who get shut out when the big guys want their share...
5/7/2010 4:12:24 PM
ISOlatedThinker: That's what's so strange. None of this looks like he had anything to hide. Nothing that Encom would have gotten their feathers ruffled about. But he seemed so worried in those last days.
[edit] The Underground Is Beckoning


5/12/2010 8:14:01 AM
ZackAttack: It's hard to believe how much we've accomplished in the past few weeks - our organization is alive again! But, maybe it's time to take a step back and assess our gains and losses.
5/12/2010 8:16:32 AM
DonutLuvver: Whatd'ya mean? It's all good!
5/12/2010 8:22:06 AM
ZackAttack: But, the key to our organization is maximum impact. We riled up Encom, we showed our allegiance to Kevin Flynn, we even made contact with Sam (kinda) - now it's time to go underground and reserve our strength for the next burst.
5/12/2010 8:25:34 AM
CindyGirl: I just wish we could thank Sam for everything and apologize for getting up in his grill.
5/12/2010 8:39:08 AM
MeganRules: But, wouldn't contacting him to apologize kind of get in the way of not "getting up in his grill?"
5/12/2010 9:01:33 AM
ISOlatedThinker: I'm not sure what exactly constitutes a grill invasion, but I think I'm on Megan's side. Sam deserves his privacy - I'm sure he can find us here when the time is right.
5/12/2010 9:04:01 AM
Admin: Agreed. Until then, we should cool it on our board activities. When the action starts revving up again, I'll contact everyone to let them know. But for the next few weeks, be safe and be ready.
5/12/2010 9:53:37 AM
ZackAttack: I've got one last item of business - I'm mailing out the last of the badges today, but I can't take any more submissions. I think they're onto me...
[edit] See What I Mean?


5/13/2010 10:05:21 AM
ZackAttack: It's not just me being paranoid - Encom shut us out of their intranet. Luckily, I took some screen grabs and archived them before they locked it down for good. Check it.
5/13/2010 10:07:31 AM
MeganRules: Who the heck is "Z. Takk?"
5/13/2010 10:12:05 AM
ZackAttack: That's my alias - I used it on my Encom badge so they wouldn't know my real name.
5/13/2010 10:14:35 AM
MeganRules: Yeah... you really do need a break, Zack— er, I mean, "Mr. Takk."
[edit] Powerin' Up the Boards Again


10/18/2010 3:15:29 PM
Admin: Testing, testing.
10/18/2010 4:49:07 PM
MeganRules: Oh, hey... Does this mean it's safe to talk?
10/18/2010 5:18:26 PM
SkateItOut: Woo-hoo! I've got a whole lot of blabbering to do - been saving it up for weeks!
10/18/2010 5:22:08 PM
Admin: @Megan - yes, it's safe to talk... @Skate - but, maybe not for you.
10/18/2010 5:37:36 PM
ZackAttack: If you think Skate is dangerous, wait'll you see what I've got up my sleeve.
10/18/2010 6:34:15 PM
MeganRules: ZACK!
10/18/2010 6:38:02 PM
KingSeth: Welcome back, Zack (Attack)
10/18/2010 6:49:01 PM
SkateItOut: Danger is my middle name (only, I spell it "Brian") - what's going down?
10/18/2010 7:16:31 PM
ZackAttack: Well, it all depends on my friend Mako.
10/18/2010 7:18:11 PM
RecycleOrDie: Oh, how's he doing? Haven't heard from him in a while.
10/18/2010 7:20:18 PM
ZackAttack: I'm trying to get him back on the boards - just sent him a message a couple of days ago.
10/19/2010 3:18:08 AM
Mako: Did someone say my name?
10/19/2010 3:27:34 AM
Mako: Hello? Oh, I forgot about the time difference - I'm sure you're all sound asleep now.
10/19/2010 10:32:25 AM
ZackAttack: You calling us lazy?
10/19/2010 11:09:55 AM
Mako: Just you, Zack-man
10/19/2010 11:51:22 AM
ZackAttack: How are you, old buddy?
10/19/2010 12:03:47 PM
Mako: Couldn't be better!
10/19/2010 12:17:15 PM
ZackAttack: I see you've finally stopped ignoring my entreaties to join us here on the boards.
10/19/2010 12:33:50 PM
Mako: Well, I've been kinda busy.
10/19/2010 12:40:25 PM
ZackAttack: Yeah, I'm well aware.
10/19/2010 12:48:51 PM
Mako: Gotta go, but I'll be back soon. Just wanted to drop in. More to come...
[edit] BTW, That ZIP Transmission Freaked Me Out!


10/20/2010 6:17:22 PM
CindyGirl: So glad we're back on the boards – I've been wanting to talk about that ZIP dealio ever since it glitched its way onto our radar. So weird, but soooooo coooooool (dang, I need to fix the "o" key on my computer - keeps sticking).
10/20/2010 10:17:57 PM
KingSeth: How did you finally decipher it?
10/20/2010 11:08:28 PM
CindyGirl: Trial and error (and a smidge of know-how). I kept highlighting the text to see if there was anything hidden within, but the file was so big that I decided to shrink it down.
10/21/2010 12:03:20 AM
Gamer4Life: And then, boo-ya! Bit gave you a little surprise.
10/21/2010 8:21:52 AM
CindyGirl: More like dozens of surprises. The little guy was telling us a story and I followed it all the way to TRON night!
10/21/2010 8:44:20 AM
Gamer4Life: Which sounds like it's going to rock the casbah. Can I just say how psyched I am?
10/21/2010 9:02:44 AM
ISOlatedThinker: You can (and did).
10/21/2010 9:13:17 AM
Gamer4Life: Can't wait to see everyone there!
[edit] Addressed To Kill


10/22/2010 7:07:51 AM
ZackAttack: OK, maybe "kill" is a strong word - perhaps "thrill" is more like it. In any event, I need to make sure that we have our members' current mailing addresses. Can y'all get the word out?
10/22/2010 7:19:04 AM
SkateItOut: Ooh, looks like Zack has something a-brewin'. Are you concocting a new game?
10/22/2010 7:27:52 AM
ZackAttack: I can neither confirm nor deny such an allegation - just want to make sure that we have everyone's contact info up-to-date.
10/22/2010 7:45:34 AM
RecycleOrDie: I'll tell everyone I know.
10/22/2010 8:02:57 AM
SkateItOut: Y'mean, BOTH of them?
10/22/2010 8:13:23 AM
RecycleOrDie: So glad to reconnect with you, Skate (sarcasm overload!)

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[edit] Encom International Begins a New Era
The business world was stunned today to learn that former programming guru Alan Bradley has regained his prominent role on the board of Encom International, the corporation that chewed him up and spit him out just a few short years ago.

In 1989, after Kevin Flynn mysteriously vanished without a trace, Bradley was thrust into the position of CEO at the world's largest software company, but the results were mixed at best. Due to a lack of confidence in Bradley's leadership abilities (a sentiment that was nurtured by Encom's board of trustees at the time), stock prices continued to fall. Without Kevin Flynn at the helm, what was the gaming giant to do?

The answer: blame Alan Bradley for Encom's woes and pressure him to step down. The company had already admitted that a significant portion of company profits had been sunk into an undisclosed, incomplete project under Kevin Flynn. Syspicion, lagging sales and impending failure - that was the Encom that Alan Bradley inherited 20 years ago, and the situation was dire.

It wasn't Bradley's fault that America was suffering through a recession at the turn of the decade, making a swift return-to-form nearly impossible for the tech conglomerate. Also, the public had already embraced Kevin as the face of Encom, so his disappearance had devastating effects on consumers around the globe. Flynn's unique vision transcended earnings projections, prospectus data, and other market research. Nobody could have filled his shoes - not even his best friend, Alan Bradley.

But apparently, that's all water under the multi-billion dollar bridge. Bradley stayed on as a silent partner in the corporation, spearheading various projects that have not yet seen the light of day. Meanwhile, Encom's portfolio is as robust as ever and current CEO Kurt Hardington is ready to come to terms with his company's turbulent past by welcoming Mr. Bradley back into the fold. "His focus on sustainability was years ahead of its time," commented Hardington. "Conservation, integration, massive streamlining initiatives - I don't know where he gets his ideas, but I just hope they keep on coming."

As of press time, Alan Bradley had not issues an official statement.

Reported by Ken Dunneman, Financial Bureau
June 20th, 1997
[edit] Encom Stock Prospectus for Fiscal Year 1990
ENCOM International
Stock Prospectus for Fiscal Year 1990

Overview page
Total common shares available for trade: 4,100,000
Current trading value per share (approximate): $235.00

Statement to Shareholders:

Admittedly, the past year has been a turbulent time for Encom, but trends are beginning to shift in our caompany's favor. We have finally identified the source of our excessive losses over the past few years: former CEO Kevin Flynn was siphoning massive development funds for a pet project, the nature of which he never divulged to either the board or his core management team. Even after a thorough investigation into Flynn's records, we have found no concrete evidence that such a project actually exists (which means we have to consider the possibility of embezzlement as the money just seem to have vanished, much like Flynn himself). The board in unanimous in our resolve to make these facts known and hope we can shine some light on the confusion around his disappearance.

With the search for Mr. Flynn safely in the hands of the appropriate law enforcement personnel, we have suspended our private search for his whereabouts. We now turn our attention to a new era of prosperity and financial security for our global company, Encom International. New accounting procedures and controls have been put into place to assure investors that no funds are being allocated for speculative new programs without the proper due diligence.

While our former CEO saw great potential in the future of technology, Encom has also focused for the past few years on identifying human potential and recruiting top talent. We have great representative at every level to meet the challenges ahead, and the company is safe in their hands.
[edit] High Flyer Leaps from River Sikyline Landmark
[edit] Downtown Diver Distresses Diners
[edit] Recluse Billionaire Enters the "Real World"

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