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[edit] Patricia Jalardy Intranet Emails

[edit] E-mail 1
Subject: KH, passing the buck
Friday, March 19th, 2010, 9:02am

Can you believe the nerve of Hardington? I ask him, point blank, to make me project lead on this big new contract and he blames the
shareholders for rejecting my request. Fail!!
On the upside, I think Hardington is starting to pay attention to our little campaign against Alan Bradley. He has also noticed Bradley's
lack of commitment - don't know what good it will do me, but it can't hurt to take down Encom's golden boy a peg, right?

Tell me if you hear anything,

[edit] E-mail 2
Subject: RE: Sales projections threatened
Friday, March 19th, 2010, 1:15pm

As your trusted friend (and the gal who saw you through two messy divorces), I’ve gotta tell you – I proofed that report you were thinking
of sending to Kurt Hardington and I don’t think your arguments hold water. I know you had a disagreement with Alan Bradley, but
blaming his initiatives for a potential drop in sales growth? That seems far-fetched. And sales haven’t even dropped, truth be told.
Sure, Bradley convinced the board that it was better to give customers free anti-virus software updates (thus reducing waste
and blah-blah-who-cares). And sure, you could have sold more copies of the new software if you had won the argument (what’s the product
name? Compu-Scrub? On second thought, I don’t think that would have sold so well). But, blaming him for your department’s woes
seems like tattling. And, to reiterate: SALES ARE FINE. Just not as much as you had projected. So, focus on your successes and
ditch the excuses – Hardington would have seen right through them, anyway.
Oh, and on the topic of moneybags Hardington, what’s his deal? Maybe he could be divorce #3 for you (he’d pay a heck of a lot more
alimony that those other two dullards). Think about it…

Call me,

[edit] E-mail 3
Sender: Dr. Lee
Subject: Session cancelled
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010, 4:12pm

This message is to confirm that my office did, in fact, receive your request to cancel this week's therapy session. Although I will honor
your wishes, I must reiterate my professional opinion: that this is no time to waiver on the groundbreaking work we have achieved as of
late. Your propensity to blame others for your professional issues is waning and you have learned to start taking responsibility for your
own success and/or failure.
I suggest we reschedule at your earliest convenience - we don't want to squander the progress we have made thus far.

--Dr. Lee

[edit] E-mail 4
Subject: RE: Willa is your ticket in!
Friday, March 26th, 2010, 4:16pm

Thanks, Pat. You've got a smart head on those shoulders... I guess that's why we get along so well.

I'll let you know how it goes.


[edit] E-mail 5
Subject: RE: Willa is your ticket in!
Monday, March 29th, 8:01pm

OK, so I've greased the wheels and I think I can wedge my way into this project (as a speechwriter - weird, huh?).

Speaking of weird, Willa is flightier than those clay pigeons she shoots. Hope I don't have to be too friendly to her (might hurt my reputation as a total jerk).

Thanks again for the heads-up!


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